Hi I'm Alice.  Welcome!
My name is Alice Manfrida and I'm a Lifestyle & Parenting blogger and digital content creator based in Boston, MA. I've been married to my husband Steve for six years and we have two children. Harold is three and Valentina is almost ONE! I started this blog in early 2014 and began making videos on YouTube about six months after that. I create content meant to entertain and inspire other parents and adults who hope or plan to become parents in the near future.

A woman in a leopard print coat carrying a brown hand bag looks to the side while standing at the top of the stairs in a subway station.

On this blog you can expect a healthy dose of the lighter side of the lifestyle genre. There isn't much that is off limits from personal style to cooking, from home decor to things I love for the kids. It's not all glitz and luxury over here though! (HA!) I want to enjoy my life but I live in reality so I do think there is a place to talk about the harder things. Pregnancy loss, postpartum body issues, autism, sleepless nights with babies...the hell that is waking up and stepping in cat vomit in the dark...it's all here.

So grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up.
Take a minute or two to hang out with me.
I think we're going to get along! <3