Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan

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Hi everyone! Last night's dinner was pork stir fry. The pork came out of the freezer, andwe had rice, onions and garlic already, but the rest of the veggies were from our giant grocery shop that we did over the weekend. We also had to buy some stir fry sauce. Stir fry is one of those things that is so yummy and relatively easy to make but when we have it with rice it is just not something we can get ourselves to do during the week. We usually make it with rice noodles because they cook much faster than actual rice does. But it was Sunday and we had the time. 
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This morning I put up a Grocery Haul & Meal Plan video over on my YouTube channel. I talked about our meal plan for dinners for the week and some of the changes from the grocery list that we made while we were in the store shopping. Definitely check it out if you like seeing what other people buy. :)


Breaking in the Table

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We finally had a chance to break in the extension on our new kitchen table last night! It worked out really well. My mom came over to babysit so we could get started with some spring cleaning and run errands without also having to parent a toddler at the same time. Before we left her to do the bedtime routine for us we all had dinner. I was surprised at how well the table still fit in our kitchen. Steve sat in one of the new folding chairs for the first time. He said he was just sitting a bit lower than in our regular chair but that it was fine. Harold thought it was funny to sit in a different spot - he usually sits at the end of the table.

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We ended up having quite the feast. We made steak, homemade macaroni and cheese, and asparagus and then we also had lentil soup that my mom made and brought over.

If you missed my Ikea Haul video over on my YouTube channel then I'll link it here so you can see the table and chairs that we bought a few weeks ago. The table comes in three sizes and we have the middle size. I think it is really good for small spaces and I love that the extension stores inside the table.


New Toddler Wardrobe

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Harold is a giant! He's 19 months old, he's in 18-24 and ((gasp!)) 24m/2T clothes! Over the last few weeks we've changed over his wardrobe so he's a bit less squished. He did get a few things at Christmas that were already in his closet but it's been filled out so I put up a Toddler Clothing Haul video over on YouTube of the clothes he's gotten recently.

ALSO... In case you missed it, his 18 month update video went up not too long ago and it's pretty cute! :) Enjoy!