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pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities

Since I have been recovering from surgery for the past five and half weeks we haven't been able to get out very much. As a result we are all getting cabin fever, especially Harold the very active toddler! He thought it was so hilarious when I took the cushions off the couch. He immediately threw himself down onto them to roll around and try to climb up onto the couch. He couldn't really pull himself up but he did figure out how to get down. :)

Today I had my six week post-op appointment with my surgeon (well, 5 1/2 week) and she said everything looks good and is healing the way it is supposed to. I still need to be careful and stop if I have any pain but other than that I can exercise and do whatever I feel comfortable with. That makes me feel so much better because I've been having so much anxiety about every little strange feeling. Even though I know that the healing process isn't something that happens overnight it still feels like it's been a long time and I want to just be back to normal. Having a professional look at me and say that my body is not ripping apart makes me feel a lot better.

pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities

Pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities

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