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Happy Monday! Before I get into the food pictures I thought I'd give you a little recovery update. When they say you need to wait 6 weeks to lift, they mean SIX weeks. Last Monday (at 5 weeks post op) I stayed home alone with Harold the whole day and I was convinced by the end of the day that I had a hernia and was literally ripping in half. A week later and I was solo-parenting again today and it was so much better. I'm still sore and weak and naptime (during which he did NOT nap) was very difficult but it was a normal kind of suffering like when you workout too hard. Anyway, it's progress!

Now to the FOOD!

Breakfast was a scramble with mushrooms and onions and a piece of sourdough toast with butter. How cute is that napkin?!

I stayed on the healthy and hearty meal train for lunch by having a bowl of vegetable barley soup and some crackers with avocado and parmesan cheese. This was the end of that for the day. Haha!

We had no plan for dinner so we walked down to our neighborhood Chinese food place where I got veggie lo mein and crab rangoon (don't worry, Steve helped me eat those rangoons). I also had some candy as an afternoon snack as well as more candy and cheese puffs for dessert (they were movie snacks!!)

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