Baby's First Baseball Game!

Baby's First Baseball Game, family, Boston, Red Sox game, Fenway Park

On Thursday night we took Harold to his first Red Sox game at Fenway. I also made it through a city-mom milestone and went on the T alone for the first time with him. We have been on the bus before but it was with other adults. I left the stroller at home and lugged him around in the carrier. He's getting pretty heavy but he's still a baby so I wore him in front and we made it through a bus ride and two subway lines! He even proved his urban fortitude by standing on the subway (tightly gripped by his mother with two hands) like a true Bostonian!

Baby's First Baseball Game, Fenway Park, family

My friendly little baby was very well behaved. He waved at all of the people and some of them waved back. It was a little pathetic because of course commuting adults often don't want to wave constantly for their entire commute to a baby no matter how enthusiastically he is waving at them. I hope he doesn't lose his desire to make friends as he gets older. :)

Baby's First Baseball Game, Fenway Park, Boston, baseball game, Red Sox Game, mom and baby, Alice Manfrida

He was the most adorable at the game and clapped along with the crowd and danced to all the music they played. We left at the 5th inning because it was getting pretty late and he was starting to fall asleep. Obviously we are still nursing but I really wasn't too interested in doing it packed into the bleachers so he napped on the bus ride home and we did his bedtime feed in the comfort of his bedroom. It was a little later than normal but it worked out fine.

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