Baby's First Bedroom

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Harold has his own room! We had to do a lot of juggling of furniture but we were able to make a baby zone in our house. Now Harold has our old room as his bedroom/playroom, we moved into the office and the office is split up. My desk stayed so it's in our new bedroom and Steve's desk moved downstairs into the dining room. Actually, that turns out to have been a great move because that dining room has been the thing I hate most in the world for the entire time we've lived here and suddenly the new layout seems to make sense! Anyway, the logistical challenges of that room is a rant for another day. Today we're talking about Harold's room! Just as a note, we are still cosleeping at night and overnight nursing is continuing. I just wanted him to have a space that was his now that he's a mobile little pseudo-toddler. :)

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We didn't really buy anything new for his room because we did already have a lot of things that we had been using in the old office/playroom and we had a few things waiting in storage for the time when he would get his own room. But one thing we did do was to get a set of gray fabric bins to go in the cube storage shelf that we had. We'd been using a few mismatched ones before and I really wanted to have a few more and thought this was a good time to "splurge" and get some to make it look a little nicer.

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This is what I've got going on in the closet at the moment. All of the bins, as well as one more that's still sitting on the floor because I'm still filling it up, are full of clothes that are too small! I've got 5 of these right now which should hold everything up to the 9/6-12 month stuff. I might do something different after that.

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How cute is this little reading area?! He has started to like sitting in his rocking chair and he will try to make the chair rock, which he thinks is hilarious.

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My clothes are still in most of these drawers but I moved all of my jewelry off the top. I think that happened just in time because now Hal wiggles around on the changing table and tries to grab everything he can reach. Update: I took the print off the wall because he almost pulled it down! 

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