Sandwiches and Snacks

I've got a What I Ate post today but first I wanted to mention here on the blog that if you watch the vlogs over on ManfridaTV that an update went up on Monday explaining that we are switching from daily uploads to weekly ones on that channel. Weekly vlogs will be going up over there on Thursdays. I think bringing it down to weekly editing sessions will make my life run more smoothly and maybe switching from daily videos to weekly ones will make it easier for people to watch. I don't know. We've changed how we do things on the vlogs so many times in the past two years (can you believe that we've been vlogging for TWO years?!...it's been about THREE on this blog...) Anyway I'll link that update video here in case you missed it and now...TO THE FOOD!!

Breakfast, toast, eggs, coffee

Um, how much ketchup does one egg need? Ha ha! The ketchup squirted out really fast so I had ketchup for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and a piece of toast with cream cheese.

starbucks, lunch, sandwich, yogurt, coffee, iced coffee, camera, eating outdoors

Since it was Marathon Monday here in Boston as well as a really nice day, Harold and I went out for a walk to cheer on the runners. I stopped at Starbucks to get lunch first and ate it outside at the playground. I had a turkey and harvati cheese sandwich as well as a yogurt with berries and granola in it. I got an iced coffee which gave me the energy to push the stroller all over the place as well as stopping to play on some swings we passed by on the way home. :)

snacking, cheese puffs

Afternoon Snack:
Snack was a bunch of these yummy cheese puffs and a couple of glasses of water.

soup, sandwich, lentil soup, tuna, dinner, supper

Another sandwich! For dinner I had a tuna sandwich and a bowl of lentil soup. Since it was a low sodium version I let Harold try a little bit of it and he seemed to really like the lentils.

peanut butter ice cream, dessert

I had a tiny bowl of ice cream for dessert. Honestly I was so tired that I didn't need to eat any more but since I had a very awake little baby to stay up with I figured snacking would only help my cause! Ha ha!

Check out the video over on my main channel and as always - Thanks for reading! :)

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