Baby's First Easter!

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Happy Monday! If you celebrated Easter yesterday I hope you had a really hoppy day....eh? eh? (#jokes) It was Harold's FIRST Easter! The Easter Bunny brought that big boy his first pair of real shoes so Hal was able to show off his walking skills to just about everyone that I am related to. He was a trooper for only getting naps in while we were driving from place to place and then even though we were the ones eating the Easter candy, he was the one who was totally hyper at 10pm crawling all over us playing with his new clutch of stuffed rabbits and reading his new Easter books!

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A couple of other firsts: one of my uncles had never met Hal in person before (although he said he's fairly up to date with the vlogs!) and Hal had his first visit to his Grandpa's house (my dad has always come here for visits).

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Conveniently for my appetite there are a couple of birthdays in my family in April so those got combined with Easter and we got to eat birthday cake!! :)

baby's first easter, easter, easter basket, mega blocks

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I put up a video showing what I put in Harold's first Easter basket a week or two ago. If you didn't already see it and you are interested then go take a peak! :)


  1. You son is sooooo BIG! And he is soooooo cute! I've been watching your vlogs and I'm loving them, I just forget to comment on them! :) hahaha


    1. I know! How did he grow so quickly?! :) Thanks, Michele!