Baby Wearing For The Win

I figured out how to wear Harold on my back in my Boba 4G carrier* today! It is life-changing! He's been super clingy lately but he's also huge so when I'm wearing him in front I can't do anything or eat anything or honestly deal at all because his face is in my face and his wiggly little arms are reaching all over the place trying to stick his fingers in my mouth. Ha ha! Once I got him on in the back I was able to do a bunch of dishes and get breakfast made. Anyway, I as just so proud of myself that I snapchatted about it, instagrammed it, and now I'm blogging my accomplishment...you'd think I invented the wheel here. :)

Also, the fact that I'm writing this blog post at all is a direct result of switching from daily to weekly vlogs. I definitely think that was the right decision. It's hard to think about such a big change like that because as you know if you do any sort of online content creating, the internet never sleeps. It always feels like you need to do more, more, more. But then you start doing "more" and you end up doing "less." I mean I was definitely doing more uploading and more vlogging but I was doing less all around. I want to do a million things and the only way to do that is to make sure that no one thing is taking over and pushing everything else to the side.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day today. It's gross and rainy here so it's a laundry day. Actually I've been watching tutorials on how to launder a soft structured carrier because while I was happily cleaning this morning there was a leaky diaper hanging out behind me...

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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Impulse Snacking | What I Ate

Before I get into this #TastyTuesday post, I need to tell you something. It's not even 7:30am and I'm already up and blogging, coffee in hand! Ha ha! But seriously, I'm amazing today. I got up before 6am and took a shower and even washed my hair. I picked out my clothes last night so really, for about the last ten hours I have been so on top of my life. I think it was all of the sunshine that we got yesterday. It was so nice that Harold and I went out to play twice and then we went out a third time for a family walk before dinner. Anyway, back to the food. 

yogurt, toast, breakfast, coffee, what I ate, tasty tuesday,

I had bacon and cheese toast with butter as well as a yogurt. I gave Hal peaches for breakfast and, instead of saving the rest for the next day, I just dumped what he didn't eat into my yogurt. Of course I had a black coffee and some water.

kind bar, honey roasted nuts and sea salt, snack, healthy, what I ate, tasty tuesday

Morning Snack:
I had a Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt Kind Bar* for a late morning snack along side my bottle of water.

salad, healthy, lunch, what I ate, tasty Tuesday

I'm not much for salads when the weather is cold and gross so it's a nice change when the weather turns warm. My lunch was spring mix lettuce, a carrot, half a cucumber, half an avocado and some feta cheese. For dressing I just use olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

french fried, ketchup, baby, snack, what I ate, tasty tuesday

Impulse Snack:
We went out for a family walk before dinner because I needed to get over to the library before it closed and while we were out walking I realized that I was SO HUNGRY! My salad was yummy but wasn't enough to last me the five hours until dinner. I had meant to have an apple and peanut butter as an afternoon snack but because we played outside so much and I was trying to edit while Hal napped, the day just got away from me. Anyway, we walked by a pizza place so I convinced Steve that we needed to split a large order of french fries. I stand by that. They were delicious! :)

soup, leftovers, dinner, supper, cheese, what I ate, Tasty Tuesday

Dinner was leftover Southwest Steak and Potato soup. We made this on Saturday in the crock pot while we were tearing apart our house in order to make Harold his very own bedroom! (Video and pictures coming later this week!) I put cheese on top and then the reason there is a random little pile of peas is because when I went to put peas and carrots in a pan to cook for Hal a ton poured out so I gave him an amount that made sense and I ate the rest. Whatever. Peas are my favorite so I was happy.

Speaking of Harold's dinner...
hummus, baby led weaning, baby, spoon, peas, carrots, tasty Tuesday

We just started Harold on three consistent meals at the table and I think it's going really well. Obviously he is still exploring and experimenting but he seems to be doing a lot more actual eating now as well, so adding lunchtime to mix seems to be going over well so far. I really think he's moving past the stage of mealtime as playtime and into the stage of mealtime as eating time. By the way, that is hummus on his plate and he scooped huge spoonfuls into his mouth faster than I've ever seen him do anything in his life! :)

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I included all of Hal's meals along with mine in the video so don't forget to watch!


Sandwiches and Snacks

I've got a What I Ate post today but first I wanted to mention here on the blog that if you watch the vlogs over on ManfridaTV that an update went up on Monday explaining that we are switching from daily uploads to weekly ones on that channel. Weekly vlogs will be going up over there on Thursdays. I think bringing it down to weekly editing sessions will make my life run more smoothly and maybe switching from daily videos to weekly ones will make it easier for people to watch. I don't know. We've changed how we do things on the vlogs so many times in the past two years (can you believe that we've been vlogging for TWO years?!...it's been about THREE on this blog...) Anyway I'll link that update video here in case you missed it and now...TO THE FOOD!!

Breakfast, toast, eggs, coffee

Um, how much ketchup does one egg need? Ha ha! The ketchup squirted out really fast so I had ketchup for breakfast with a hard boiled egg and a piece of toast with cream cheese.

starbucks, lunch, sandwich, yogurt, coffee, iced coffee, camera, eating outdoors

Since it was Marathon Monday here in Boston as well as a really nice day, Harold and I went out for a walk to cheer on the runners. I stopped at Starbucks to get lunch first and ate it outside at the playground. I had a turkey and harvati cheese sandwich as well as a yogurt with berries and granola in it. I got an iced coffee which gave me the energy to push the stroller all over the place as well as stopping to play on some swings we passed by on the way home. :)

snacking, cheese puffs

Afternoon Snack:
Snack was a bunch of these yummy cheese puffs and a couple of glasses of water.

soup, sandwich, lentil soup, tuna, dinner, supper

Another sandwich! For dinner I had a tuna sandwich and a bowl of lentil soup. Since it was a low sodium version I let Harold try a little bit of it and he seemed to really like the lentils.

peanut butter ice cream, dessert

I had a tiny bowl of ice cream for dessert. Honestly I was so tired that I didn't need to eat any more but since I had a very awake little baby to stay up with I figured snacking would only help my cause! Ha ha!

Check out the video over on my main channel and as always - Thanks for reading! :)


Baby's First Easter!

baby, easter, easter egg, spring, alice manfrida, baby's first easter

Happy Monday! If you celebrated Easter yesterday I hope you had a really hoppy day....eh? eh? (#jokes) It was Harold's FIRST Easter! The Easter Bunny brought that big boy his first pair of real shoes so Hal was able to show off his walking skills to just about everyone that I am related to. He was a trooper for only getting naps in while we were driving from place to place and then even though we were the ones eating the Easter candy, he was the one who was totally hyper at 10pm crawling all over us playing with his new clutch of stuffed rabbits and reading his new Easter books!

bunny, baby's first easter, easter, carrots, karoto

A couple of other firsts: one of my uncles had never met Hal in person before (although he said he's fairly up to date with the vlogs!) and Hal had his first visit to his Grandpa's house (my dad has always come here for visits).

birthday cake, chocolate, cake, candles, dessert

Conveniently for my appetite there are a couple of birthdays in my family in April so those got combined with Easter and we got to eat birthday cake!! :)

baby's first easter, easter, easter basket, mega blocks

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I put up a video showing what I put in Harold's first Easter basket a week or two ago. If you didn't already see it and you are interested then go take a peak! :)


First Playground Trip | Harold Is 8 Months

Harold and Mommy, swings, playground, baby, 8 month old baby

Harold is 8 months old and the weather is FINALLY getting nicer. We went out to the playground both days this weekend and Harold tried out the swings! He was a little unsure but didn't cry. :) He also had fun walking around with his dad and watching all of the big kids run around play.

His 8 month baby update video is up on YouTube now so head over there to watch it. I talked about exciting things like crawling, eating and brushing teeth. I also talked about separation anxiety, lack of sleep and where we are at in our breastfeeding relationship.