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Happy Tuesday! Lately I have been eating a lot of the same super easy and also boring meals. It's easy to get in a nutritional rut when you are tired and busy. I tend to fall back on things like peanut butter toast, cereal with banana and the classic: hummus and cheese sandwiches! None of these things are especially terrible, but it was starting to feel like that's all I was eating.

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I was feeling very fancy this morning with my multigrain English muffin topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I also had a handful of strawberries, a glass of water and a coffee.

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Lunch was a fried rice scramble because we had some leftover rice that needed to be eaten up. I did the rice on the stove with some butter, salt and pepper. Then I added in some kale, yellow pepper and tomatoes. Once it was cooked to how I wanted it, I put in two eggs and scrambled the whole thing up together. I put some feta cheese on top, had another water and finished my second cup of coffee, which was a decaf.

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I made cod, which totally fell apart, and french fries, zucchini and yellow squash for dinner. Even though it looked ridiculous (watch today's vlog if you want to see what happened), my homemade fish and chips tasted excellent!
**Please note that I did have fish twice in one day but only because I was going to make the cod the night before but then we got too lazy and just made a frozen pizza. 

I forgot to take a picture of dessert but it was blue corn chips and a Cadbury creme egg and a cup of tea.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

Check out the video:

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