Tasty Tuesday | Dinner At Grandma's

We spent the day with my grandma on Friday. She took us to lunch, where we met up with my mom. It was fun to have four generations out together. I had this amazing turkey and bacon sandwich. It came with a fancy sauerkraut-ish kind of salad with some kind of berries in it but I gobbled that up before I remembered to take a picture. Ha ha! Harold charmed everyone with his walking and loud talking skills.

How cool are the legs...feet!...on this table?! The place we ate lunch at is one of those places with mismatched furniture. I totally want a table with feet on it in my house now!

After lunch we went to Grandma's house, or Granny as Harold calls her, and visited with my uncles and then my sister and Steve joined us after work for supper. She made this awesome chicken soup with leeks and chickpeas in it. There was also tortellini which you can't see because I poured the soup on top of it. And lucky us, we took home the leftovers! There is still enough for another bowl which I will be eating today because we are stuck inside because of a blizzard. I guess it is still winter after all.

:) Alice