Baby Shower Gift Guide

I just went to a baby shower in preparation for the newest member of our family. The parents have decided to wait until the birth of their baby to find out the baby's sex so I had to go for gender neutral gifts. I totally understand because we didn't find out the sex of our baby until delivery day and I know a number of other people who did the same. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for what to buy as a baby gift then take a peak at what I gave to this baby. :)

First up is this really cool 3-stage bathtub from Skip Hop*. It has an adjustable insert for teeny little babies which then comes out completely for when the baby can sit but isn't quite ready to transition into the full bathtub. I threw in some baby wash* because I love a theme.

Speaking of themes, I bought diapers! This family plans to cloth diaper so I gave them a package of diaper inserts* and a couple of my favorite diaper covers from Rumparooz. How cute is that plaid one*?! I also got them a wet bag*, which is a necessity if you are going to use cloth diapers but would also be a good gift for anyone because it can come in handy for travel or even a beach day.

These little extras are super affordable, cute and useful. Seriously, anything that you don't have to buy for yourself when you have a baby is so helpful. No gift is too small. The Cleaning Brush Set* from Munchkin has different sized brushes to get in all the little parts of sippy cups. I LOVE these fruity teethers. The Baby Banana teether* is kind of like a toothbrush and the RaZ-Berry teether* is a favorite in our house. Since I truly believe you can never have enough spit rags when there's a baby around I also got some flannel receiving blankets.

Books are always a good choice, whether they are requested or not. These alphabet books by Greg Paprocki are sturdy board books that can withstand the rough handling of a baby (along with their need to chew) and they are full of historical vocabulary. A is for Atom* is our book but there are a bunch of different versions so we went with J is for Jazz* for the new baby.

Last but not least is a personal gift from Steve. He loves Batman and found these adorable Batman crib shoes for the baby. I really think giving a special gift having to do with you is a nice touch. :)

Conveniently I was able to wrap everything up and carry it all into the party in the bathtub! :)

One last thing is that Harold wanted to get in on the gift giving action so we picked out a few gender neutral hand-me-downs to pass along. I bought Harold his first box of crayons so that he could scribble in the card and on the envelope, which made his present extra cute!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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