Tasty Tuesday | A Fishy Day

Happy Tuesday! Lately I have been eating a lot of the same super easy and also boring meals. It's easy to get in a nutritional rut when you are tired and busy. I tend to fall back on things like peanut butter toast, cereal with banana and the classic: hummus and cheese sandwiches! None of these things are especially terrible, but it was starting to feel like that's all I was eating.

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I was feeling very fancy this morning with my multigrain English muffin topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I also had a handful of strawberries, a glass of water and a coffee.

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Lunch was a fried rice scramble because we had some leftover rice that needed to be eaten up. I did the rice on the stove with some butter, salt and pepper. Then I added in some kale, yellow pepper and tomatoes. Once it was cooked to how I wanted it, I put in two eggs and scrambled the whole thing up together. I put some feta cheese on top, had another water and finished my second cup of coffee, which was a decaf.

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I made cod, which totally fell apart, and french fries, zucchini and yellow squash for dinner. Even though it looked ridiculous (watch today's vlog if you want to see what happened), my homemade fish and chips tasted excellent!
**Please note that I did have fish twice in one day but only because I was going to make the cod the night before but then we got too lazy and just made a frozen pizza. 

I forgot to take a picture of dessert but it was blue corn chips and a Cadbury creme egg and a cup of tea.

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Baby Shower Gift Guide

I just went to a baby shower in preparation for the newest member of our family. The parents have decided to wait until the birth of their baby to find out the baby's sex so I had to go for gender neutral gifts. I totally understand because we didn't find out the sex of our baby until delivery day and I know a number of other people who did the same. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for what to buy as a baby gift then take a peak at what I gave to this baby. :)

First up is this really cool 3-stage bathtub from Skip Hop*. It has an adjustable insert for teeny little babies which then comes out completely for when the baby can sit but isn't quite ready to transition into the full bathtub. I threw in some baby wash* because I love a theme.

Speaking of themes, I bought diapers! This family plans to cloth diaper so I gave them a package of diaper inserts* and a couple of my favorite diaper covers from Rumparooz. How cute is that plaid one*?! I also got them a wet bag*, which is a necessity if you are going to use cloth diapers but would also be a good gift for anyone because it can come in handy for travel or even a beach day.

These little extras are super affordable, cute and useful. Seriously, anything that you don't have to buy for yourself when you have a baby is so helpful. No gift is too small. The Cleaning Brush Set* from Munchkin has different sized brushes to get in all the little parts of sippy cups. I LOVE these fruity teethers. The Baby Banana teether* is kind of like a toothbrush and the RaZ-Berry teether* is a favorite in our house. Since I truly believe you can never have enough spit rags when there's a baby around I also got some flannel receiving blankets.

Books are always a good choice, whether they are requested or not. These alphabet books by Greg Paprocki are sturdy board books that can withstand the rough handling of a baby (along with their need to chew) and they are full of historical vocabulary. A is for Atom* is our book but there are a bunch of different versions so we went with J is for Jazz* for the new baby.

Last but not least is a personal gift from Steve. He loves Batman and found these adorable Batman crib shoes for the baby. I really think giving a special gift having to do with you is a nice touch. :)

Conveniently I was able to wrap everything up and carry it all into the party in the bathtub! :)

One last thing is that Harold wanted to get in on the gift giving action so we picked out a few gender neutral hand-me-downs to pass along. I bought Harold his first box of crayons so that he could scribble in the card and on the envelope, which made his present extra cute!

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OOTD | Spring Outfits

Happy Spring! To celebrate the new season I wanted to share what we all wore to a baby shower last weekend. It was still technically winter (the last two days) and of course, it snowed! But we felt spring-y and really these outfits would be perfect for Easter.

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My dress is from Seraphine, which is a maternity and nursing wear line. They have a lot of really beautiful tops and dresses that work for nursing moms who still want to look stylish. This is the first real clothing item I have worn from them but I do have a Seraphine nursing bra which is honestly my favorite one.

ootd, mom, baby, outfit, fashion, baby boy, Easter, looks, spring outfits, dress, nursing dress, Seraphine, Target, family

Harold wore a super cute outfit from Target with mint green pants, a button-down shirt (it is a onesie with snaps so it stays "tucked in") and a plaid bow tie! You can see the bow tie in the first picture in this post as well as in the Mom & Baby Spring OOTD video we made. He also had some blue shoes from Target but they had long since come off by the time we took these pictures...but that's babies for ya! :)

ice cream sundae

There was a make your own sundae station at the shower so I happily made this creation.

Hudson Valley, spring outfits, nursing dress, Seraphine, woman, mountain

We made a whole weekend out of going to the baby shower because it was out in the Hudson Valley in New York. I had bare legs and little white sneakers on so that maybe wasn't the best choice for the snow but the views were so pretty, both at the party and driving around during the weekend.

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Tasty Tuesday | Dinner At Grandma's

We spent the day with my grandma on Friday. She took us to lunch, where we met up with my mom. It was fun to have four generations out together. I had this amazing turkey and bacon sandwich. It came with a fancy sauerkraut-ish kind of salad with some kind of berries in it but I gobbled that up before I remembered to take a picture. Ha ha! Harold charmed everyone with his walking and loud talking skills.

How cool are the legs...feet!...on this table?! The place we ate lunch at is one of those places with mismatched furniture. I totally want a table with feet on it in my house now!

After lunch we went to Grandma's house, or Granny as Harold calls her, and visited with my uncles and then my sister and Steve joined us after work for supper. She made this awesome chicken soup with leeks and chickpeas in it. There was also tortellini which you can't see because I poured the soup on top of it. And lucky us, we took home the leftovers! There is still enough for another bowl which I will be eating today because we are stuck inside because of a blizzard. I guess it is still winter after all.

:) Alice


What's In My Diaper Bag

Now that I've used my diaper bag for more than half of a year I feel like I've really settled into it and can confidently say it was a really great purchase!

Name - Storksak Noa
Color - grey
Material - coated canvas with leather straps and metal hardware
Features - detachable shoulder strap, removeable organizing insert, insulated side pocket for bottle/snacks
Original reasons for purchase - seems like it can withstand being put down on the dirty floor of a subway train, unisex look, seemingly indestructible straps, seems to have a future as a carry-on bag after baby is older

I genuinely love this bag. Storksak is a luxury brand and while the Noa is not their most expensive option, it was still a bit on the pricey side. But I will say that my mom commented on it's pristine condition the other day. Haha! I do try to keep my things nice but I also tend to chuck my bags around, which is why I tend to prefer leather bags as they can handle a lot. We use this constantly and often I use this as my only bag because I can fit my wallet, phone and a little pouch with my essentials in it along with all things baby related.

We use cloth diapers with our baby so they do take up more space than disposables do. If we are going out for an entire day then I usually do take another handbag for myself, but I can usually ram in the wet bag full of soiled diapers as the day goes on and I can still zip up the Noa to keep everything from spilling out.

Baby for scale. :)

The last time Harold and I headed out for a play date I filmed a What's In My Diaper Bag video to show all of the things I put in it for a day out. Honestly, when I bought the bag I wasn't 100 percent sure that I'd be using cloth diapers so I am glad that the Noa does work with them. Check out the video if you are interested in seeing what I carry around in it!

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Harold is 7 Months Old!

baby, blanket

Seven months is solidly more than half a year. It just seems like Hal is so old now, even though he really is still a little baby. :) That being said, he is eating solids, has some teeth and showing some signs that he's getting ready to crawl. He is definitely growing up, which is the whole point, and is so fun to watch! :)

baby, solid food, self feeding, baby led weaning, applesauce

We are doing baby led weaning/feeding with him so he's been feeding himself a variety of foods and he's gotten really good at using a spoon! Don't get me wrong, he's still a baby so he obviously makes a huge mess and doesn't eat a huge amount. We're letting him experiment and learn and he loves being able to eat with us at meal times!

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Don't forget to check out the video on my main channel for lots of updates about Harold!
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