Six Months Old! | Harold

Six Months Old, baby, baby boy, six month old baby

We are a couple of weeks late in posting this but Harold is SIX MONTHS OLD! It's so wild how quickly half of a year has gone by. He is so different than he was when he was first born (of course he is) and he's really starting to become a little person. I can see his sense of humor developing and all he wants to do is get up and move around.  I really tried to stick to talking about what was going on up to when he actually turned six months. A lot has happened in the past two weeks that I want to leave off until his 7 month update. The reason I left off doing this one until now was because I was waiting to get his measurements done at his pediatrician appointment, which he had last week. So if you are just looking for stats I'll tell you he is now a whopping 17 lbs. Check out the video for lots of details and of course, lots of babbling and wiggly baby action! :)

Six Months Old, baby, baby boy, six month old baby

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