5 Month Baby Update | Harold

5 month baby update, baby, boy

Happy New Year!!

5 Month Baby Update, baby, boy

Harold turned 5 months old yesterday so today I've got a baby update to share with you. This was an exciting month in Hal's life. He learned to roll and sit up. He figured out how to splash in the bathtub with such precision that he is able to soak his parents and the bathroom, all while smiling proudly to himself.

5 Month Baby Update, baby, boy

5 Month Baby Update, baby, boy

He also starting to sit in his highchair at the table and sleep in his crib at night. We took the pictures in this post today and of course we filmed a video talking about the month.

5 Month Baby Update, baby, boy

A bit of unrelated housekeeping: We are back to daily vlogging over on the ManfridaTV channel so if you watch that then plan on us uploading every day at 3pm (eastern time). I'm also hoping to be able to get more content up on my main AliceManfrida channel as well as more consistent posts here on this blog. We have started working on getting the whole family (aka The Baby) on more of a schedule/routine so that should help with the logistics. Anyway, that's the hope for the new year. :)

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:) Alice

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