Harold At 15 Months

Harold At 15 months, baby, toddler

Harold is 15 months old! He is so fun to play with and he's really trying to have conversations with us. He is "talking" constantly and he even has a few words comprehensible to the rest of us. He can say "no" of course but it's actually very helpful because he uses it correctly and it helps us to figure out what he actually wants or doesn't want. He loves to go outside and move his body. This kid is strong and sturdy and is steadily becoming an expert climber. He's still very lovey and likes to share toys and snacks with us. We get lots of snuggles. He still nurses a few times throughout the day and while we are getting a bit more sleep as he occasionally sleeps through the night, most nights he wakes a couple times and sleeps the majority of it in our bed with us. We aren't complaining though because we know he won't be little forever and we're soaking it up while we can. :)

Harold At 15 Months, baby, toddler

Harold At 15 Months, baby, toddler

His 15 Month Update video is up on my YouTube channel so head over there to see his little personality in action.


Easy Last-Minute Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

I have been trying to figure out what to dress Harold as for Halloween this year for months. I really thought I'd have it all figured out and it would be epic and there would be no rushing around, but then everything got really hectic and here we are: Halloween is TOMORROW! Last year I had so many ideas but this year I just had no idea.

Baby costume pictures: here

Baby costume idea video: here

I dug around the house and came up with a few super easy, super quick, super cute costume ideas for my 15 month old.

Costume Idea 1 - Elliot from E.T.
This is the winning choice for this year!

Costume Idea 2 - Skeleton Pajamas
If it's too difficult to pull something together last minute you can always grab the Halloween pajamas! The skeleton jammies are a classic choice in kids' nighttime fashion.

Costume Idea 3 - Paper Bag Mask
This one is hilarious! Harold had so much fun playing with this paper bag mask! He thought it was so funny that he could look out of the eye holes! He kept taking it off so that he could try to put it on by himself, which was adorable.

Check out the video to see these costumes in action!


Meals & Movie Snacks | What I Ate

Happy Monday! Before I get into the food pictures I thought I'd give you a little recovery update. When they say you need to wait 6 weeks to lift, they mean SIX weeks. Last Monday (at 5 weeks post op) I stayed home alone with Harold the whole day and I was convinced by the end of the day that I had a hernia and was literally ripping in half. A week later and I was solo-parenting again today and it was so much better. I'm still sore and weak and naptime (during which he did NOT nap) was very difficult but it was a normal kind of suffering like when you workout too hard. Anyway, it's progress!

Now to the FOOD!

Breakfast was a scramble with mushrooms and onions and a piece of sourdough toast with butter. How cute is that napkin?!

I stayed on the healthy and hearty meal train for lunch by having a bowl of vegetable barley soup and some crackers with avocado and parmesan cheese. This was the end of that for the day. Haha!

We had no plan for dinner so we walked down to our neighborhood Chinese food place where I got veggie lo mein and crab rangoon (don't worry, Steve helped me eat those rangoons). I also had some candy as an afternoon snack as well as more candy and cheese puffs for dessert (they were movie snacks!!)


Pillow Pile | Indoor Play

pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities

Since I have been recovering from surgery for the past five and half weeks we haven't been able to get out very much. As a result we are all getting cabin fever, especially Harold the very active toddler! He thought it was so hilarious when I took the cushions off the couch. He immediately threw himself down onto them to roll around and try to climb up onto the couch. He couldn't really pull himself up but he did figure out how to get down. :)

Today I had my six week post-op appointment with my surgeon (well, 5 1/2 week) and she said everything looks good and is healing the way it is supposed to. I still need to be careful and stop if I have any pain but other than that I can exercise and do whatever I feel comfortable with. That makes me feel so much better because I've been having so much anxiety about every little strange feeling. Even though I know that the healing process isn't something that happens overnight it still feels like it's been a long time and I want to just be back to normal. Having a professional look at me and say that my body is not ripping apart makes me feel a lot better.

pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities

Pillow pile, indoor play, toddler activities


The Day Without Naps

toddler, mess, the day without naps, motherhood, parenting

No naps. There were no naps in our house today. There was cat food on the floor multiple times. There was a lot of trying to climb into the litter box and turning the knobs on the stove. No lunch was eaten so as a result there was a lot of nursing. I don't think I can even talk about the tears. There were so many and it's just too soon.

Thankfully I had some help for part of the day but today I was parenting on my own for a good chunk of the day. I'll be 5 weeks post-op on Saturday so I *can pick Harold up if I need to but I still need to limit it and some things I still can't really do. I'd be lying if I said I felt like I was handling this day. It was tough.

We did survive and now the exhausted little thing is running back and forth through the house like a pinball. Steve is cooking dinner and I'm sitting at my desk ignoring everyone while blogging and enjoying a very deserved glass of wine.

Anyway, to balance it out here's a cute picture of Harold with a rock he found the other day.

toddler, plaid, rocks, playing outside, motherhood, parenting, the day without naps

Cheers to a better tomorrow! :)


Cozy Autumn Sunday

We've got classic New England Fall weather today. Harold was out wandering around the yard earlier this morning but the clouds have since opened up and now it's raining. Today is definitely a day for books, movies, bowls of soup and cups of tea.

I've been reading Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. It's a YA mystery about a girl from the noble class who secretly is apprenticed to her uncle who is teaching her forensic medicine. I'm about halfway through it and so far I'm very annoyed by Thomas, who is also studying under her uncle and is her partner in trying to figure out who is committing the gruesome murders. He's always lurking, which seems to be a theme of the boy character in YA novels, and I think she should just tell him he's a creep instead of thinking to herself that it's strange that she seems to like him even though he's being a creep. Haha! Other than that it's fine and it's giving me some much needed success in the book-finishing-department. I am 15 books behind schedule on my Goodreads goal of reading 60 books this year. (That means I have TWENTY-NINE books to finish before the end of the year.) That seems a bit out of reach.

What's the weather like where you are today? Have you done anything exciting this weekend?


Halloween Decor 2017

Our home is starting to look pretty spooktacular these days. The cupboards are full of candy. There are spiders and pumpkins and skulls everywhere. There's a chill in the air (well, not today because it's like, 80 degrees...) and I've been hunkering down with the spooky stories and picking out what movies to watch in the coming weeks. There is a Halloween Decor tour over on YouTube. My favorite part is the spooky set up I have on the dining room table. I try to do something different every year even though for the most part I use the same decorations.


Witchy Sweater

witchy sweater, ootd, outfit, fashion, style, sweater, ruffles, bell sleeves

I am so in the mood for Halloween so now that it is October and the weather has finally become a bit more reasonable I'm going for it. I bought this sweater at Target within the last two weeks and I loooove it! It is perfect for days that are cool enough for long sleeves but not so cold that you need a jacket. The ruffled bell sleeves are huge. The fabric is super soft and cozy. I could wear this every day. Check out my YouTube channel to see the whole outfit.

witchy sweater, ootd, outfit, fashion, style, sweater, ruffles, bell sleeves

witchy sweater, ootd, outfit, fashion, style, sweater, ruffles, bell sleeves


Yellow Sweater & Ruffle Pockets

yellow sweater, Zara, cardigan, sweater, knit wear, autumn clothes, winter clothes, Alice Manfrida, women's fashion, style

I don't know what it is about this year but all I want it to spend every day wrapped up in gigantic cardigan sweaters. This is the second huge knit that I've purchased for the season and I feel like with this fuzzy yellow number I've reached peak librarian chic. I found it at Zara along with these hounds-tooth pants with the ruffle pockets. RUFFLE. POCKETS!!!!!

ruffle pockets, yellow sweater, houndstooth, pants, ruffle, cardigan, autumn clothes, winter clothes, women's fashion, Zara, style

Zara is one of my favorite places to buy pants, which is why I was there in the first place. Steve found a few pieces there too and I also picked up a pair a boots at H&M. I filmed a try-on haul video which you can find over on the Alice Manfrida channel on YouTube if you'd like to see everything. I've had quite a few haul videos up over there recently so I think that'll be it for a while.


Toddler Fall Clothes

toddler fall clothes, winter coat, toddler boy, blue coat

I've gotten some more shopping done for Harold's Fall/Winter wardrobe. We got some cute clothes from Zara and H&M last week during our big shopping day in the city. This weekend we went to Carter's where the entire store was 50% off. We loaded up on pajamas and socks and also snagged a warm coat, which is currently way too big.

toddler fall clothes, winter coat, toddler boy, blue coat

toddler fall clothes, winter coat, toddler boy, blue coat

If you're interested in seeing the rest of the clothes that we bought for Harold then head over to YouTube to watch the Toddler Boy Haul.


Harold Turns One!

Harold turns one, 12 month old baby, baby, toddler, growing up

My baby is ONE! In the last year Harold has gone from being a tiny cute baby to being a happy, friendly, active toddler. He is amazing at walking, he's starting to talk and is developing a sense of humor. We spent the morning of his actual birthday in the car driving home from vacation but waiting for him in his bedroom was an awesome tunnel and lots of brand new blocks to play with!

Harold Turns One, 12 month old baby, baby, toddler, blocks

Harold Turns One, 12 month old baby, baby, toddler, tunnel, playing, toys

A couple of weeks later we threw a big party with family and friends. The theme was Harold and the Purple Crayon, obviously! :) We had lots of purple decorations, the kids played with bubbles all afternoon and we even hopped in the pool (but only for a few minutes because it was actually kind of chilly that day). Harold was such a good boy the entire day despite missing out on napping and refusing to nurse until pretty much everyone had left.

harold turns one, cake, birthday cake, first birthday party, Harold and the Purple Crayon party, purple, mom and baby

Harold Turns One, first birthday party, purple, birthday cake, Harold and the Purple Crayon party, family

Harold Turns One, Happy Birthday, purple party decorations, balloons, Harold and the Purple Crayon party, first birthday party,

Check out Harold's 12 month baby update video over on YouTube.


Baby's First Baseball Game!

Baby's First Baseball Game, family, Boston, Red Sox game, Fenway Park

On Thursday night we took Harold to his first Red Sox game at Fenway. I also made it through a city-mom milestone and went on the T alone for the first time with him. We have been on the bus before but it was with other adults. I left the stroller at home and lugged him around in the carrier. He's getting pretty heavy but he's still a baby so I wore him in front and we made it through a bus ride and two subway lines! He even proved his urban fortitude by standing on the subway (tightly gripped by his mother with two hands) like a true Bostonian!

Baby's First Baseball Game, Fenway Park, family

My friendly little baby was very well behaved. He waved at all of the people and some of them waved back. It was a little pathetic because of course commuting adults often don't want to wave constantly for their entire commute to a baby no matter how enthusiastically he is waving at them. I hope he doesn't lose his desire to make friends as he gets older. :)

Baby's First Baseball Game, Fenway Park, Boston, baseball game, Red Sox Game, mom and baby, Alice Manfrida

He was the most adorable at the game and clapped along with the crowd and danced to all the music they played. We left at the 5th inning because it was getting pretty late and he was starting to fall asleep. Obviously we are still nursing but I really wasn't too interested in doing it packed into the bleachers so he napped on the bus ride home and we did his bedtime feed in the comfort of his bedroom. It was a little later than normal but it worked out fine.


Eleven Month Old...Toddler?

baby, toddler

 Look at this big boy standing! He's such an athlete. He's gotten really good at walking. He doesn't dive at things anymore when he gets close, instead he actually finishes walking the full distance to the person or thing he's trying to get to. He can also get up 2 or 3 stairs in the time it takes to hurry the 10-ish feet from the kitchen sink to the staircase to grab him. He LOVES going outside. He is obsessed with waving Hi and Bye. He is literally the cutest, love-y-est baby ever. :)

baby, toddler

baby, toddler, squats

Don't forget to watch his month's update video. Only one more to go for the full year!


Ten Months Old

ten months old, ten month old baby boy, baby, little boy

This baby just keeps growing up! He has started walking (and climbing stairs!!), he loves to play outside and...he said Mama! I'm in no rush but we are closing in on the one year mark.

ten months old, ten month old baby boy, happy baby, Nike baby clothes

As always the update video is up over on my YouTube channel. There's plenty of footage of this active little baby moving all over the place and playing while I chat about his achievements. Enjoy! :)


Breastfeeding Fashion

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tank tops, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, Jessica Simpson Maternity, mom, mother, baby, clothes

I love a good shopping spree and I had one last week. I was in the maternity section at Macy's looking at nursing bras but of course there wasn't anything I wanted in my size so then I casually turned to my right and started picking through the nursing tank tops. There was a sale on nursing tops and soooo... 

This actually worked out really well because all of the nursing tops that I have been wearing these past nine and a half months are actually a size too big now. It's not so ridiculous that I look terrible, but nothing really fits well and it's annoying and I don't really feel my best wearing them. I was able to round out my wardrobe for spring with a bunch of things that are my size!

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tank tops, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, Jessica Simpson Maternity, mom, mother, baby, clothes

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tank tops, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, Jessica Simpson Maternity, mom, mother, clothes

This black knit top has slits on both sides so you can get up underneath super easily and it looks really cute with one of the more colorful nursing tanks that I got. The lavender tank top is Jessica Simpson brand and the baby blue is Motherhood brand. Of course I had to get the gray and black striped one also because I'm me and I can't have a shopping spree without getting something dark and spooky. Haha!

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tank tops, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, mom, mother, clothes

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, mom, mother, clothes

I also got one of these tees that had the criss-crossed layers in the front. I like this version SO much better than the ones I've been wearing because this has actual short sleeves! My old ones are more like muscle tanks but with the flowy front and they get the job done but I just don't feel like they are very flattering on me.

breastfeeding fashion, style, nursing tank tops, nursing tops, postpartum wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity, Jessica Simpson Maternity, mom, mother, baby, clothes

I don't have a picture of the maxi skirt that I bought but it's black and white and really cute and...it miiiiight be maternity... Ha! Go watch the video and laugh along with me about that!


Baby's First Bedroom

baby reading a book, nursery, baby boy, baby's first bedroom, bookshelf, children's room, kid's room, play room

Harold has his own room! We had to do a lot of juggling of furniture but we were able to make a baby zone in our house. Now Harold has our old room as his bedroom/playroom, we moved into the office and the office is split up. My desk stayed so it's in our new bedroom and Steve's desk moved downstairs into the dining room. Actually, that turns out to have been a great move because that dining room has been the thing I hate most in the world for the entire time we've lived here and suddenly the new layout seems to make sense! Anyway, the logistical challenges of that room is a rant for another day. Today we're talking about Harold's room! Just as a note, we are still cosleeping at night and overnight nursing is continuing. I just wanted him to have a space that was his now that he's a mobile little pseudo-toddler. :)

play room, nursery, baby boy nursery, dinosaur, toys, baby's first bedroom, children's room

We didn't really buy anything new for his room because we did already have a lot of things that we had been using in the old office/playroom and we had a few things waiting in storage for the time when he would get his own room. But one thing we did do was to get a set of gray fabric bins to go in the cube storage shelf that we had. We'd been using a few mismatched ones before and I really wanted to have a few more and thought this was a good time to "splurge" and get some to make it look a little nicer.

baby's first bedroom, closet, children, kid, child's closet, baby clothes organization, baby clothes storage, baby boy

This is what I've got going on in the closet at the moment. All of the bins, as well as one more that's still sitting on the floor because I'm still filling it up, are full of clothes that are too small! I've got 5 of these right now which should hold everything up to the 9/6-12 month stuff. I might do something different after that.

library, book shelf, child's room, baby's first bedroom, nursery, baby boy, book storage, red rocking chair

How cute is this little reading area?! He has started to like sitting in his rocking chair and he will try to make the chair rock, which he thinks is hilarious.

baby's first bedroom, nursery, baby room, baby boy, children's bedroom, changing table,

My clothes are still in most of these drawers but I moved all of my jewelry off the top. I think that happened just in time because now Hal wiggles around on the changing table and tries to grab everything he can reach. Update: I took the print off the wall because he almost pulled it down! 

baby's first bedroom, nursery, baby boy, dinosaur kids room, children's room, play room, dinosaurs, gray crib,

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

Don't forget to head over to watch the room tour video I did on the Alice Manfrida channel!