Four Month Baby Update

Four Month Baby Update, baby, toes, baby putting foot in mouth
Harold is four months old! He seems to have grown up a lot in this last month and he really seems like a baby (as opposed to a tiny newborn...do I keep saying that?!)  He laughs, blows spit bubbles, grabs at things (like coffee cups...) and watches every single thing that we do.

Harold Meets Santa, baby, Santa, first Christmas, sitting on Santa's lap, holiday, Christmas

We took him to visit Santa over the weekend and he did a great job! He didn't look at the camera but he just settled right in with Santa and he didn't cry! :)

Check out our Four Month Baby Update over on my YouTube channel if you'd like to know all about what Hal has been doing this month. Definitely watch the video if you want to see how wiggly he is and hear his cute little baby voice!

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:) Alice

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