Beauty and Postpartum Empties

It's that time again, folks!  Empties time!  I've used up quite a few things during the last few months so I'll get right into it.

My usual favorites:
Secret Outlast deodorant (completely clean)

Ava Anderson conditioner
J. R. Watkins Hand Soap (grapefruit)

Maybelline theColossal Cat Eyes mascara -- The first Maybelline mascara that I have found that I don't really love.

J & J Reach dental floss
Maybelline FitMe Concealer (15 Fair)

My new favorite soap to use in the shower is the Olive Oil bar soap from Kiss My Face.  It's so moisturizing that I am able to use to it shave my legs.

 And for all the postpartum and nursing mamas out there, I wanted to highlight a few of the things that I've been using constantly for the last four months.  These Always pantyliners are my favorites.  I get the unscented long ones.  They are great for all that discharge in the beginning but what I really like them for is the leaking from having weak muscles down there.  If you are inexperienced in this area I will say that the peeing every time I sneeze, cough, laugh, or think too hard has gotten better over time.  But since I really don't want to be caught off guard, these have been a life saver!

I've also been using the Stay Dry Nursing Pads by Lansinoh a lot.  Four months into my breastfeeding experience comes with much less leaking. (Clearly "leaking" is THE word to describe these precious months following the birth of a baby.)  But even still I've been relying on these to keep my clothes relatively clean and dry.  Along with that I've been enjoying this Mother's Milk tea that supposedly promotes healthy lactation.  I don't know that it has affected my milk supply because I think that I would have enough anyway, but it's not hurting it and I do like the taste, especially with a little honey mixed in. :)

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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  1. You finished up so many products!! Great empties! :)
    I'm so used to reading your blog that sometimes I forget you also have a channel.. I need to go back to watching your videos!