Labor & Delivery Story | Harold

The Manfrida Family

Since Harold was born on a Monday I thought I'd keep Mondays dedicated to Mommy-related content.  Today he is 6 weeks old!  He's smiling and starting to interact with toys and I actually can't believe how much he's changed in just six weeks.  If you watch the ManfridaTV channel then you know how roly poly and adorable he is and you also know that we didn't get a chance to film or take pictures during the actual delivery.  However, I do have lots of pictures from right after while we were still in the delivery room.  I thought I'd share some of them with you today along with my Labor & Delivery Story which I filmed this afternoon and put up on the Alice Manfrida YouTube channel.


"Mom, can you believe we did that?!"

Daddy holding Harold for the first time.

Tuesday afternoon right before his first bath

A half a day old! :)

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:) Alice


One Month Postpartum Update | Mom & Baby

I can't believe my baby is one month old already! He's actually 5 weeks old today, which means that I'm 5 weeks postpartum. I keep telling people that it's been the longest shortest month I've ever lived. We're settling into life as a family of three and Harold is growing like a weed. I decided to do monthly updates on the Alice Manfrida YouTube channel so be sure to head on over there to see what the month has been like for me and Harold. While you're here though, enjoy some pictures of Hal on his One Month Birthday! :)

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:) Alice & Harold