What I Ate at 39 Weeks Pregnant

I haven't done many #TastyTuesday posts during this pregnancy.  It's just hard to put it all together in a coherent list when you are eating strange meals at strange times of the day.  The third trimester has seemed to make a little more sense in terms of meal planning so I thought I'd share a classic What I Ate here today.  Enjoy! :)


Breakfast was yogurt, granola and fruit.  The granola is that cocoa coconut flavor from Kashi that I've gotten a few times before and the yogurt is the Stonyfield Organic Greek whole milk yogurt.  I chopped up a half a banana and also had a glass of water and cup of decaf black coffee.


For lunch I had an egg salad sandwich with cheese and kale and a bunch of organic tomatoes.

Snack No. 1:

The day I took all of these pictures was right in the middle of the heat wave we just had so we drove over to a mall to go for our walk instead of trying to brave the heat outside in our neighborhood.  I got a decaf iced coffee and Steve and I split a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles.  We were thinking that it looks like the kind that Homer Simpson eats. Ha ha!

Snack No. 2:

I had another snack before making dinner because didn't think I could wait that long to eat.  I had a few crushed up graham crackers in almond milk, which is seriously the yummiest treat you can make. :)


Dinner was steak with pasta and broccoli.  The pasta and veggies just have some butter and garlic on top.


To cool down a bit while catching up on some YouTube videos I had a bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream.  As you can see I'm not restricting the treats so much.  I really did try hard for most of my pregnancy to continue to eat the healthy diet that I normally eat, just more of it, and for the most part that has worked well for me.  I have never been one to deny myself dessert foods or snacks but I'm definitely indulging a bit more often these days while I wait for this baby to decide to move out of my body.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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