35 Week Pregnancy Update

35 Week Pregnancy, third trimester, eight months pregnant, first time mom, baby bump, pregnant belly

How far along? 35 weeks 6 days (pictures are from 35 plus 5 days)
Total weight gain/measurements: I'm up 24 lbs and my belly is 39.5” around.
Maternity clothes: I bought two more summer dresses. They are both short, meaning around knee-length. So now I have two short dresses and two long dresses. I'm pretty much only wearing pants when I have to go to an appointment (because getting your belly poked and prodded is a little easier with pants).
Stretch marks: Still none.
Sleep: I seem to get a lot of sleep about every third day. Then I'll be a total insomniac for a couple days and then finally I'll be so tired that I'll be able to sleep it off.
Best moment this week: Realizing that we are pretty much ready for the baby to come. We still have a few more things to buy and a few more things to set up but really if we don't get to them and the baby just showed up now, we'd be fine.
Miss anything? I'm starting to miss being not-pregnant. I'm not completely sick of it yet but the novelty of it all has long worn off and now at just about 9 months pregnant I'm kind over it. I think that's a sign that it's almost over. :)
Movement: Still lots of movement. I think there is a little arm that jabs me on one side a lot and then there are little feet and a butt ramming up into my ribs a lot. That doesn't hurt but it feels really strange to have your ribs pushed on from the inside.
Food Cravings: Food. Give me all of the food.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not sick, just heartburn. And it's nothing specific, even water feels like it's coming back up...there is just no room anymore!
Gender: I've settled on a guess now. I'm not telling what my guess is, but when the baby is born, I'll let you know if I guessed right or wrong. Ha ha!

35 Week Pregnancy, third trimester, eight months pregnant, first time mom, baby bump, pregnant belly

Labor signs: No signs of actual labor. Braxton Hicks contractions are still happening. It's definitely every day now and some days I have a few of them.
Symptoms: I've noticed my hands and feet are swelling when it's hot and most days in the evening. I'm also having a hard time staying in one position for very long. It's like when you have restless legs but it's my whole body. I need to get up and move around but then I can't do that for that long either so then I have to find a comfortable position and then change and then move around again.
Belly button in or out? Out.
Wedding rings on or off? On but it's a little bit of a struggle to get them back off at night.
Happy or moody most of the time: Whoa this week. In terms of pregnancy I've been happy. In terms of life in general, this has been a tough week. I'm really trying to keep the stress away from me. I've been trying to keep stressful conversations to a minimum and I barely want to even talk about pregnancy anymore. I actually had a long conversation with a cousin the other day and we only talked about him, which was AMAZING! :) So I guess my emotions this week are pretty mixed.
Looking forward to: Going to a baby shower for one of my cousins! This is baby heavy summer in my family. Two have already been born and there are two more to go (including mine)!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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