33 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby Shower!

How far along? 33 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain/measurements: 23 lbs gained and my belly is just about 39.5” around. At my midwife appointment yesterday she said that it looked like I grew a lot bigger and then when she measured me I was 3cm bigger, which she said was a big jump. I had been holding steady at my last appointment so it's a good thing. I had told her that in the last week the upper part of my belly was hurting the way it would if I'd done 1000 crunches, but just that one part. She said that it was probably the connective tissue holding my abs together ripping apart so I finally popped open up there!

Maternity clothes: I bought a maternity support belt and it's so amazing! I just wear it for a little bit when my back starts getting sore in the afternoons but it is a life saver. I also bought a birthing/exercise ball, which isn't maternity clothes but it is pregnancy related and it's been making my hips feel better to sit on it.
Stretch marks: None yet. I have noticed random bruising on my belly once in a while so I'm not sure if that means that there will be stretch marks later in those spots or if they are just bruises from being pushed on and stretched by the baby.

Sleep: Still on and off. I've been getting super hot at night though.
Best moment this week: My baby shower was Sunday! My mom and sister threw the party for me and we got so many awesome things and honestly, my family and friends did such a good job that there are only a few little things left for us to buy. :)
Miss anything? I miss being able to stay out of the bathroom for many hours at a time. I am so sick of going in there and I'm also sick of having to change the toilet paper roll constantly because I go through it so fast.

Movement: Lots of movement in the evenings and into the night. I think the baby is most active around 5pm and then maybe from 8 or 9 until around midnight. My midwife said that when babies are born they usually keep a similar schedule to the one they had in the last weeks of pregnancy. So this baby is probably a night owl like us but once it actually gets acquainted with the sun it should slowly flip over to being awake in the day time after a few weeks or months...just so you know I am aware that babies are awake all night. Once it's older and does sleep for longer stretches I think it will be difficult for me because then it'll want to wake up in the morning and play and I'll be like, um, nooo baby, we sleep in the day and stay up at night in this house. Ha ha ha!
Food Cravings: Salty things and yogurt.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Just the heat!
Gender: Since we don't know, there were Baby Prediction cards for everyone to fill out at my baby shower. The guesses were 15 for Boy and 7 for Girl. Which is funny because until the shower, more people were guessing girl.
Labor signs: None yet.
Symptoms: The ab ripping thing, more wadding, hunger and feeling hot are the big ones. Still just occasional Braxton Hicks and also, my boobs are leaking daily now.
Belly button in or out? Out...the part that could still be considered in is super tiny now. It's almost like my belly button is actually disappearing except for the top part that sticks out a little. Ha ha!

Wedding rings on or off? On but I've gotten nervous a couple of times that they wouldn't come back off.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy.
Looking forward to: Finishing all of the baby laundry I'm in the middle of doing right now! :)

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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