Birthday Dinner & Cupcakes | #TastyTuesday

We went out to dinner at Cafeteria on Newbury Street for my birthday last night.  The weather was so nice and we were able to eat outside, which was amazing after a solid week of being stuck inside from the rain!  I love Cafeteria because their menu is full of fancy grown up versions of the kinds of things you would get for lunch in the cafeteria when you were at school.  So they have things like pizza, macaroni and cheese and sandwiches, but fancy.

They had a couple of "mocktails" on their drinks menu so I got the Cucumber Lemon Rickey.  It had cucumber, lemons, limes, mint and soda water and it was really refreshing.  It was nice to be able to have something that wasn't just water for once.

The spinach dip we got as an appetizer was so good, although it might have had something to do with the crispy flat bread that came with it.  Ha ha!  Steve got this really amazing looking fig and goat cheese pizza and I got the black bean burger.  It came with lettuce tomato and avocado and then I swapped out the goat cheese for swiss cheese.

After dinner we went for a little walk in the Back Bay and then on our way home picked up some cupcakes from Sweet on Mass Ave.  I picked out four flavors and then at home we cut them all in half and shared.  I think my favorite was the mint chocolate one because the frosting was mint and the chocolate cupcake had mint flavoring in it, too.  The other ones were chocolate covered pretzel, confetti, and carrot cake.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different Tasty Tuesday/What I Ate post.  I am basically drooling over these pictures and wish we were going back to have the same things again tonight!  Ha ha!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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