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I recently bought a few things for Spring at Target and thought I'd share what I got with you.  They've got some really cute shoes right now because we're about to get into sandal season.  I also got some beauty goodies and a couple of things to help round out my warm weather maternity wardrobe.  These are things that I bought while we were out shopping a couple of weeks ago.  If you saw our Shopping & Easter vlog then you'll know how fun it was for Steve to help me try on shoes!  Ha ha!  Socks and shoes are getting a little more difficult with this baby bump in the way! :)


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I needed to replace my Laura Mercier powder (which I love) and I really wanted to see if I could find something that worked at a drugstore price.  I just can't justify high end makeup at the moment when I have to buy new bras every couple of months.  The Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder is widely used by Bloggers and YouTubers so I picked one up in 001 Transparent and so far, so good!  :)

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I also added two new e.l.f. brushes to my collection.  All of the e.l.f. brushes I have are so soft.  The Small Smudge Brush is my new favorite because it is not scratchy at all, which is key in a brush you are trying to use under your lower lash line.  The Blending Brush is also very soft and fluffy.

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I bought the baby version of this sunscreen because it is the same as the Sensitive Skin Suscreen version for adults.  The only difference is that on the day I was at Target they had the larger size available in the baby version so that's what I bought.

I am so happy with the shoes that I found!  I have been wanting to get some cute white sneakers for so long and I love these.  I really like the black line detail around them because it really pops against the white.

gladiator, sandals, brown, flats, shoes, cute, summer, Target, Mossimo
 Lilac Gladiator Sandals
gladiator, sandals, brown, flats, shoes, cute, summer, Target, Mossimo

These low brown gladiator sandals are perfect for summer.  It's basically like one long shoelace that you weave around and tie behind your ankle.  I've been wrapping them once around my ankles for now but they do look cute with just a bow tied in the back without wrapping them the extra time.  I checked to see if that would look cute before buying them because I will be 9 months pregnant at the height of the summer heat and I'm assuming my ankles will swell.  Wrapping anything around swollen ankles seems like the opposite of cute so it was important to me to get something that can potentially grow and change with me.


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 So this picture is a total fail.  The color of this maternity tee is so pretty.  It's a really warm shade of purple and I really love how it looks.  But in pictures and even in the video it looks like a very cool shade of purple.

Target, maternity, fashion, style, shorts, white, rolled cuffs, cute, spring, summer

I rolled up the bottoms of these maternity shorts to make them a little cuter.  They have pockets in the back and I think they will look great with any color t-shirt.  I also think they'll work with the white sneakers or with any of my sandals and flip flops.

Have you done any shopping for the new season?  Let me know what you got!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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