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Happy #TastyTuesday!  I decided to try meal planning this week in order to combat food waste, get some nutritional variety and maybe save a little money.  I spent a good chunk of time with Steve going through the fridge and cabinets figuring out what we could make with what we had and then what we would need to shop for to finish the meals.  I started with dinners for a week and then I planned out possible breakfasts and lunches for myself (Steve eats leftovers at work so that was covered).  I even included a list of all of the things we have available for snacks and desserts.

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First of all this made it so I didn't need to buy any snacks or desserts when I went grocery shopping because I had just been able to see what I already had in the house.  Our grocery bill ended up being $107!  That does include a 2 pack of scrubby sponges, but everything else was food.  Of course we did get some things that will last longer than a week but that's so low for us!  I will say that over time, I'm guessing the savings would lessen because right now we have a lot of meat in the freezer and a bunch of cans of soup and extra boxes of pasta.  As we eat through the stuff in the cupboards we'll need to actually replace it at some point.  But it's an interesting experiment.

So far I've switched my plan for breakfast once and then today I realized that we forgot to consult the list so I never defrosted what I'm planning to make tonight.  A lack of timely defrosting is our biggest downfall.  But overall it's been pretty helpful.  I think the key is to make it a habit.  We need to practice the planning, actually bother to go to the grocery store every week, and then follow the plan.

What I Ate Today: Very Thirsty

Do you do meal planning?  How often do you shop?
Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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