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I haven't been overly into much of anything other than my pregnancy recently, which is fun for me, but probably not quite as entertaining for everyone else... I know this because as much as I love babies and peeking into other people's lives, I'm obviously not that invested in them as they are.  ANYWAY: I do have some favorites from the last couple of months and I thought I'd share! Enjoy! :)


Everyone seems to be wearing pink in the fashion and beauty world right now (it is one of the Pantone colors of the year).  I have not only jumped on the bandwagon but I'm pretty much driving it for this trend!

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theBalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Shadow/Blush:  This sample came in a Birchbox and I wasn't sure if I would like it because it is a little more warm toned than I typically go for in a blush.  But once I tried it I became obsessed.  It is so pretty and it goes on so nicely.  It is definitely worth purchasing the full size!

Coastal Scents formalEYES Shadow Palette:  Here is another Birchbox sample size.  The formalEYES eye shadow palette seems to be a Coastal Scents/Birchbox exclusive and it has more than just these two colors.  But these shadows are GREAT!  They are smooth, pigmented and they go on nicely and blend well.  The lighter color is matte and the darker pink color has a light shimmer to it.  I've been wearing these colors so much over the past couple of months, sometimes by themselves and sometimes mixed with various shadows from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Rimmel by Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick - No. 08:  Just about every time I've worn lipstick since January it's been this one.  I'm not sure if I would say it's a darker nude...maybe I'll call it a medium nude on me.  It's super creamy and wears off nicely and I can't get enough.


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I have shown this before in my 17 Week Pregnancy Update, and honestly there is nicer photo over on that post that I've got here.  But I have been wearing this non-stop.  I bought it this season at Target (it is not maternity, fyi) and it is so warm!  I love the black and white pattern and I like that it does connect to makes sleeves instead of just being open like a big scarf.  I have been wearing it in the house for now because it's much too cold to go out without a real coat in the winter here but I'm looking forward to slightly warmer weather so I can wear it outside as an outer layer.  The sleeves are a good length to make it work with a tee or tank top as well.

Brain & Body:

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The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina HenrĂ­quez
I have done a lot of reading this winter and I think that this was my favorite of all of the book I got through.  It's thought provoking and emotional and it sheds a light on the some of the lives of immigrants living in the United States who have come from various Spanish speaking countries.  It mostly follows one family but each chapter jumps around to the perspective of different people who live in their community in the same apartment building in Delaware.  I highly recommend this one.

The book fed my brain and now let's talk about what I've been feeding my body with lately.  I am always on the hunt for full fat yogurt at the grocery store.  It is so hard to find!  The kind I normally eat is a plain Greek yogurt but I haven't been into that since being pregnant.  My taste buds seem to be looking for something a little sweeter.  SO even though flavored yogurt has lots of sugar I'm eating it because it's still yogurt, which is good for you.  This is French Vanilla flavored and it's rich and creamy.  I have been loading it up with tons of fruit and berries and eating it whenever I can.
***a note on fat: I am not a nutrition expert but I do know that foods that come naturally with fat are not the enemy.  I feel that it is better to get your fat intake from good sources of fat and just not eat it all day long (duh) and then maybe try to avoid the things that are bad fat if you're worried about it.  Plus it tastes better. :)

So there you have it, folks.  If you want to watch the video I'll leave that here for you.  I am wearing all of the makeup items that I mentioned here in the video so you can get an idea of what they look like on (at least on my face, anyway).

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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