Birchbox | March 2016

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It's Birchbox Time!  I realized that the reason I really love my Birchbox subscription because it allows me some variety in the products I use and it costs less than the full size of just one of most of the products.  I'm not trying to convince anyone but I really do like being able to sample all of these products that honestly, I would probably never buy.  If you happen to work for Birchbox and you also happen to be reading this (yeah, right) then don't worry, you're business plan still does work on me!  I have actually loved some things so much that I've bought the full size and there are a few more that I'm seriously considering for my next purchase.  :)

beauty, Birchbox, subscription beauty box, products, samples

This month I got a nice mix of hair and beauty products.  I'm exciting to try out the Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions as I'm positive with all of this extra hair hanging around on my pregnant head I will be an even more gigantic ball of frizz this summer than I normally am.  Before that frizz sets in I will be trying out these PARLOR by Jeff Chastain shampoo and conditioner samples.  I don't know if I'm struggling very much in the volume department but I wouldn't mind a little extra texture help with hold after using my curling iron.

beauty, Birchbox, subscription beauty box, products, samples

Every product that I've tried from Supergoop! has been excellent so I am assuming that the City Sunscreen Serum is no different.  The Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm is basically just
a lip balm.  It has a very thick consistency, kind of like Vaseline, and there is no scent or color so you can use it to keep your brows in place or to moisturize your cuticles.

beauty, Birchbox, subscription beauty box, products, samples

The product I'm most excited about is the trèStique Color & Smudge Shadow Crayon.  The color is called Aspen Pine and it is so beautiful.  (I'm biased because I am literally obsessed with any and all shades of green.)  It is a super dark and smokey forest green color with a faint hint of gold shimmer to it.  It is SO creamy and slides right on with no effort.  It also smudges really nicely.  I still have the swatch on my hand as I'm typing this and I keep looking at it thinking "oooh I can't wait to wear that!"  Ha ha ha!

Check out my initial reactions to seeing these products in my latest unboxing video.

Thanks for watching!
:) Alice

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