Avocado Toast Recipe

Beautiful pictures of avocado toast are all over Instagram and I know that, like me, you want to be both healthy and trendy with your breakfast choices so today I thought I'd share this super easy Avocado Toast Recipe with you. Once you master these steps, all you'll need is a classy plate and some great lighting and the world will be double tapping your brunch pics like crazy!

Avocado Toast Recipe

lime juice
pine nuts

Step One:
Put the avocado in a bowl. If you make crisscrossing cuts with a knife it's a little easier to get it all out either by scooping it with a spoon or just squeezing it out of the skin.

Step Two:
Mash it with a fork.

Step Three:
Add salt, pepper, cilantro and lime juice. Obviously fresh cilantro and juice squeezed from an actual lime would probably be nicer, but this is real life. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Step Four:
Add some pine nuts and mix them in.

(I forgot to take a picture of this step on the day with the good lighting s I snapped one when I made this again a few days later. Unfortunately it was cloudy because the weather hates me. Oh well.)

Step Five:
Spoon the mixture onto toast and eat it!

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P.S. This was my breakfast on Tuesday. Check out the video to see what I ate during the rest of the day!


Four Month Baby Update

Four Month Baby Update, baby, toes, baby putting foot in mouth
Harold is four months old! He seems to have grown up a lot in this last month and he really seems like a baby (as opposed to a tiny newborn...do I keep saying that?!)  He laughs, blows spit bubbles, grabs at things (like coffee cups...) and watches every single thing that we do.

Harold Meets Santa, baby, Santa, first Christmas, sitting on Santa's lap, holiday, Christmas

We took him to visit Santa over the weekend and he did a great job! He didn't look at the camera but he just settled right in with Santa and he didn't cry! :)

Check out our Four Month Baby Update over on my YouTube channel if you'd like to know all about what Hal has been doing this month. Definitely watch the video if you want to see how wiggly he is and hear his cute little baby voice!

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Beauty and Postpartum Empties

It's that time again, folks!  Empties time!  I've used up quite a few things during the last few months so I'll get right into it.

My usual favorites:
Secret Outlast deodorant (completely clean)

Ava Anderson conditioner
J. R. Watkins Hand Soap (grapefruit)

Maybelline theColossal Cat Eyes mascara -- The first Maybelline mascara that I have found that I don't really love.

J & J Reach dental floss
Maybelline FitMe Concealer (15 Fair)

My new favorite soap to use in the shower is the Olive Oil bar soap from Kiss My Face.  It's so moisturizing that I am able to use to it shave my legs.

 And for all the postpartum and nursing mamas out there, I wanted to highlight a few of the things that I've been using constantly for the last four months.  These Always pantyliners are my favorites.  I get the unscented long ones.  They are great for all that discharge in the beginning but what I really like them for is the leaking from having weak muscles down there.  If you are inexperienced in this area I will say that the peeing every time I sneeze, cough, laugh, or think too hard has gotten better over time.  But since I really don't want to be caught off guard, these have been a life saver!

I've also been using the Stay Dry Nursing Pads by Lansinoh a lot.  Four months into my breastfeeding experience comes with much less leaking. (Clearly "leaking" is THE word to describe these precious months following the birth of a baby.)  But even still I've been relying on these to keep my clothes relatively clean and dry.  Along with that I've been enjoying this Mother's Milk tea that supposedly promotes healthy lactation.  I don't know that it has affected my milk supply because I think that I would have enough anyway, but it's not hurting it and I do like the taste, especially with a little honey mixed in. :)

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Three Months Postpartum Update | Mom & Baby

We survived the “fourth trimester”!!!!! Harold turned three months old on November 1st and I can't believe how much he's changed since he was born! He really seems to have woken up to the world all of a sudden and we are having a great time interacting with him and watching him discover everything around him. I did a Mom & Baby update for 3 months postpartum over on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see how we're getting along. I do plan to continue these updates for Harold but I think this is probably going to be the last check in for me. Obviously it takes quite a while to get “back” from having a baby but I think that the first three months have the biggest changes happening. I wanted to document my experiences so that other people having babies might have an idea about what to expect. Everyone is different so I feel like the more people talking about it, the better.

Here are a couple of pictures of Hal from when he turned 3 months! Enjoy! :)

Three Months Postpartum, Mom, baby, baby boy

Three Months Postpartum, Mom, baby, baby boy

Three Months Postpartum, Mom, baby, baby boy, Bumbo, bumbo floor seat, sitting

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Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

baby, boy, costume, Halloween, Batman

We made a little lookbook for Harold's Halloween costume options. He will be 3 months tomorrow (can you believe it?!) so I didn't want to stuff him into anything too crazy. We aren't going to take him trick or treating this year because he's too small so we'll just be handing out candy. All of the options are adorable and he's been wearing them all week but we ended up choosing the Franken-Baby pajama and hat set for tonight.


baby, boy, Halloween, costume, skeleton, onesie, easy

baby, boy, Halloween, costume, skeleton, cute, onesie, easy

glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie – Old Navy
socks – Carter's


baby, boy, Frankenstein, Halloween, costume, hat, monster, cute, easy, pajamas

baby, boy, Frankenstein, Halloween, costume, hat, monster, cute, easy, pajamas

baby, boy, Frankenstein, Halloween, costume, hat, monster, cute, easy, pajamas

Yup.  This one is my absolute favorite!!

pajama suit & hat – Just One You by Carter's (Target)


father and son, dad, baby, boy, Batman, cape, Halloween, costume

father and son, dad, baby, boy, Batman, cape, Halloween, costume, the Joker, sweatshirt, easy costume

 Remember last year when Steve wore this creepy looking Joker sweatshirt and I wore a Harley Quinn one?!  I think that having a baby Batman with villains for parents is a really cute and funny family costume set. (Watch: Halloween in Salem 2015 vlog)

father and son, dad, baby, boy, Batman, cape, Halloween, costume, the Joker, sweatshirt, easy costume

Ha ha ha! Harold really got into character here.  I'm pretty sure that is the face the real Batman would make if the Joker picked him up! :)

Batman onesie with cape – Babies R Us
sweatpants – Carter's
socks – Carter's

Dressed Like Daddy

father and son, dad, baby, boy, Halloween, costume, easy costume, mustache, pacifier, plaid shirt, dress-up

 You guys! How adorable is this?! #manfridamustache

father and son, dad, baby, boy, Halloween, costume, easy costume, mustache, pacifier, plaid shirt, dress-up

baby, boy, Halloween, costume, plaid shirt, mustache, pacifier, easy costume, cute, dress-up, daddy

plaid shirt – Carter's
sweatpants – Carter's
socks – Carter's

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Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Bottle | Review

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Harold had his first bottle! I only put 2 oz in the bottle because I wasn't sure how he'd take it and didn't want to waste it if he had a hard time. I went with this Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle on the recommendation of another breastfeeding mom friend and it worked out really well! This is the first time that Steve has ever fed a baby and the first time that Harold has ever had a bottle and they both quickly got the hang of it.

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Bottle, review, baby, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, Lansinoh

When Steve first put the bottle in the baby's mouth he made a slightly confused face but he quickly latched on and started sucking. The only time he paused during the whole 2 oz. was when he opened his mouth to smile at Steve. It was literally the cutest thing ever!

He did a great job and polished off his little snack in no time at all and then set about trying to nurse from his dad. He kept turning his head into Steve's chest and opening his mouth to try to latch on. Ha ha! So I took him to feed him some more and he had no trouble going back to the boob like normal.

Watch Steve give Harold his first bottle: Trying A Bottle

Obviously since we've only done it the one time I can't really say that he's a pro and that we'll never have a problem but I am confident that this will work and allow me to leave Hal for a bit once in a while. I mean I'm totally not ready to do that yet but my midwife said not to leave it too long without introducing a bottle because otherwise he might not really want to take it, and then I'll be stuck.


Two Months Postpartum Update | Mom & Baby

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

Harold turned 2 months old way back on October 1st and I even filmed the update for both him and me a while ago. But having a 2 month old baby means that it is very difficult to get editing done. That's why I'm only just now getting it up. These pictures were taken the day he turned 2 months though. :)

The first half of the video is all about Harold and what he can do and how big he is now. The second half is about my recovery at 2 months postpartum and I also talked a little about how breastfeeding is going.

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

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Cloth Diaper Haul

cloth diaper haul, diapers, baby, budget, all-in-one, prefold diapers, waterproof covers

We finally bought cloth diapers for Harold! If you watch our vlogs then you may have seen that we bought a mixed pack of newborn sized diapers of different styles and brands. We decided to go with mostly prefold diapers and covers, but we did get a few all-in-ones just for fun. Most of the stuff came from an order we placed online with The Diaper Lab, which is a local business that has both a website and an actual store. The rest we bought on Amazon.

We got two different brands of prefolds, Blueberry and OsoCozy. The Blueberry ones are the medium size and are slightly longer than the OsoCozy diapers which are the “better fit” size 2. I have no idea if these were the smartest size to get but I got a total of 18 of them and figure I can buy more. Supposedly it's best to have 24-30 diapers for full time use and I think it's better to start small and not waste money on something I don't actually want.

Blueberry Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers - Size Medium

OsoCozy Better Fit Prefold Cloth Diapers - Size 2

Along with the prefolds we got three waterproof covers. Two are pictured here and they are both Rumparooz covers. One has snaps and one has the hook-and-loop tabs. We also got another one that is a black and white cow print but it didn't arrive in time to make it into this haul. The three all-in-ones are all snap styles except the One by GroVia (gray) has removeable hook-and-loop panels so that it can be used either way.

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover, Aplix (Invader)
GroVia O.N.E. (Cloud)

The last few things we got were two washable pail liners and a zippered wet bag all by Planet Wise. The diaper sprayer is from Knicker Nappies and I'll let you know how we get on with that when we get it hooked up to our toilet.

Planet Wise Waterproof Pail Liners (Slate, Moolicious)
Planet Wise Waterproof Wet Bag (Slate)

Knicker Nappies Diaper Sprayer

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Labor & Delivery Story | Harold

The Manfrida Family

Since Harold was born on a Monday I thought I'd keep Mondays dedicated to Mommy-related content.  Today he is 6 weeks old!  He's smiling and starting to interact with toys and I actually can't believe how much he's changed in just six weeks.  If you watch the ManfridaTV channel then you know how roly poly and adorable he is and you also know that we didn't get a chance to film or take pictures during the actual delivery.  However, I do have lots of pictures from right after while we were still in the delivery room.  I thought I'd share some of them with you today along with my Labor & Delivery Story which I filmed this afternoon and put up on the Alice Manfrida YouTube channel.


"Mom, can you believe we did that?!"

Daddy holding Harold for the first time.

Tuesday afternoon right before his first bath

A half a day old! :)

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One Month Postpartum Update | Mom & Baby

I can't believe my baby is one month old already! He's actually 5 weeks old today, which means that I'm 5 weeks postpartum. I keep telling people that it's been the longest shortest month I've ever lived. We're settling into life as a family of three and Harold is growing like a weed. I decided to do monthly updates on the Alice Manfrida YouTube channel so be sure to head on over there to see what the month has been like for me and Harold. While you're here though, enjoy some pictures of Hal on his One Month Birthday! :)

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Meet My Baby! | Harold

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last blog post. I could have done a 41 week update on Monday August 1st. As it is I'm sort of kicking myself for not taking a picture on Sunday July 31st like I did every other Sunday for months because I FINALLY had my baby at 41 weeks and 5 days (almost 6 days)!! But I didn't do those things because I was distracted at the time by being in labor.

We had a boy and named him Harold.  He was born at the very end of the night on August 1st. We had a very uncomplicated birth and everyone was happy and fine after. I'm going to do a video of my Labor & Delivery Story soon, so keep an eye out for that if that sort of thing interests you.  He weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20 in. long. He is perfect and adorable and everyone loves him...obviously. :)

We have been calling him Harold and also Hal as a nickname. Actually, Steve and I have been calling him Baby a lot, because after not knowing if he'd be a girl or boy and not settling on an official name until he was a solid day old we are still getting used to the fact that he's a real person with a name and an identity. But every day it feels more real.

Steve is still at home with us, which has been AMAZING and everyone should be able to have their partner home for a month...actually more would be better, but a month is at least helpful in terms of recovery for the one who gave birth. Today I drove the car for the first time in over a month and I've started doing dishes again. It's very exciting over here. Ha ha!

There is a little Meet My Baby video up on my main channel. I've linked it here and embedded it down below so you can watch it. We're also back to daily vlogging!! So if you want to keep up with us more often then make sure you're subscribed to ManfridaTV so you don't miss anything.

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