Blogmas Day 4 [2015] Top 3 Vlogmas Channels

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I may be doing Blogmas over here (a post every day of December until Christmas) but there are tons of people doing Vlogmas over on their YouTube channels.  (...and you know how much I love YouTube!)  I will say that it can get a little overwhelming when your subscription box is full of videos from every channel every day.  I definitely pick and choose what I have time to watch this time of year.  I thought I'd share a few of the channels that I've been loving and have been watching daily so far.

Melanie Murphy

The Day-In-The-Life Vlog

Melanie Murphy is an Irish vlogger who normally does a mix of beauty and lifestyle videos.  Her channel (and YouTube career) seems to be really taking off at the moment.  She is daily vlogging for Vlogmas this year and I'm loving it.  She is sharing beauty tips, things she likes to eat and she has a cute cat named Bilbo.  She is also doing a daily giveaway of body shop products throughout the month.

Ingrid Nilson


Ingrid Nilson is one of my favorite YouTubers and I've been watching her for what feels like forever.  She is doing something a little different for Vlogmas this year.  She is putting up a new DIY video every other day until December 25 on her main channel.  So far she's made a really pretty light up wreath and also some really yummy hot chocolate recipes.  You should also check out this video from her second channel in which she explains why she is not doing the standard daily vlog style Vlogmas this year and also that Vlogmas started on her channel!

Don't Stop Readin'


I am loving how many people are doing Vlogmas differently this year.  Of course there are plenty of people daily vlogging but there are also people making different kinds of videos on their main channels all month long.  My friend Reggie is doing Bookmas on her BookTube channel so she's making a book-related video every day.  I think this is a really great way to get in on the fun while staying true to the content that she puts on her channel all year long.

If you have any other Vlogmas channel recommendations please leave them in the comments!  Or if you also make videos and you're doing Vlogmas let me know!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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