Blogmas Day 2 [2015] Licked By The Cat

Today was so rainy and gray.  My mom came over for lunch and Stella was obsessed with sitting on top of her bag.  She just climbed on top and sat there looking around as if to say, "This is my bag now.  Too bad for you!"  Ha ha!

Stella is so cute and sometimes I just stare at her trying to figure out what she's thinking.  She was sitting on me licking her paws clean for a while this afternoon after my mom left.  I think she wanted to check in and snuggle once we had the house back to ourselves.  She's pretty obsessed with me and Steve, which is fine, and I think she really does feel like the three of us are a little kitty family.  :)

As proof that she thinks we are just giant cats please notice that we are holding hands in the above picture.  She was actually still grooming here but you can't see her tongue.  She was alternating between her own paws and my hand.  I am pretty sure that if a cat is grooming you it means she loves you, at least as much as a cat can love.  (I'm obsessed with my cat but I know she's still just a cat and therefore doesn't actually have human emotions.)

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