Blogmas Day 1 [2015] Tasty Tuesday

It's December!  Can you believe it?!  It's almost officially winter on this half of the planet and with that comes the shortest day of the year.  Talk about disbelief: what I can't believe is that there are still a few more weeks to go until we get to the longest darkest night.  It gets dark so early!  Sunset is at 4:12 pm today in Boston.  I know that there are plenty of places in the world where it gets dark earlier than that or is basically dark for the whole day, but 15 hours of darkness a day is still a lot.

Today's #TastyTuesday pictures are from Sunday.  For breakfast I had grits with cheddar cheese mixed in and a little bowl of Greek yogurt with honey and strawberries.

Lunch was kind of small, I had two slices of toast with butter and peanut butter along with a side of kale.  Steve thinks I'm weird for putting butter and peanut butter together but I'm telling you, it's really yummy!

My "snack" for the afternoon was a glass of orange juice.  By the way, that Merry Marshmallow Yankee Candle is the best smelling candle ever made and it smells good all year long because in the summer you can just pretend it's supposed to be s'mores and turn the label to face the wall. :)  Steve's mom sent that to us to get us in the holiday spirit.

I reheated leftover pasta with meat sauce for supper.  I like buying jars of sauce and then adding to it to make it more healthy and filling.  This had kale, red peppers, onions and garlic along with ground beef.

If you are doing Blogmas this year then let me know what your blog is down in the comments section so I can visit!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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