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I tried these Seaweed Crisps from Annie Chun's last night and they were so good that I had to tell you about them. I bought them on a whim the last time I was at the grocery store because we occasionally get seaweed snacks (just the crispy seaweed sheets) to eat as a snack while making dinner. These are a little bit different because they are pieces of the seaweed sheets stuck onto little puffy rice crisps.

The main thing that I like about them is that they are bite sized. The plain sheets of seaweed that we get are too big to fit in your mouth without breaking or folding them and then you get little seaweed flakes everywhere. You can just pop these right in! The bag is two servings so Steve and I devoured them in one sitting. Honestly, I would've eaten the whole thing myself if he hadn't been there. Ha ha!  They are gluten free, I think they are a good alternative to chips and since the bag is little, it's like portion control. I am totally going to buy these again. I also went to the Annie Chun's website and found out that they have a few different flavors. I'm over here fangirl-ing over a snack food and I felt like I needed to bring you all in on it!

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:) Alice

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