Blog Changes and Looking Forward

If you've been reading this blog for some time then you'll notice some changes.  I was getting really sick of the dark sidebar and while I loved the grayish minty green that was my former background, it was just time for a change.

Another thing: I am planning to do Blogmas this year!  That is basically just posting every day from the start of December up until Christmas.  Lots of bloggers and vloggers do it every year (the vlog one is called Vlogmas over on YouTube).  I thought that along with a change of color and theme, Blogmas would be a good way for me to give a little extra focus to this blog.  I have been pretty obsessed with YouTube for the past few months.  I didn't forget about my blog but I definitely let it suffer, which was a little annoying to me because I started blogging before I got onto YouTube.  I still enjoy writing and I think blogging is fun so I want to get back into it and give it the attention it deserves.

There are still a few days left of November so I am going to try to get a post or two up in the next week but I will definitely be ready to go come December 1st!  I've been planning out some posts and I figure I'll just write what I'm in the mood for the rest of the time, which always works out better for me anyway.

Let me know what you think of the changes!
Thanks for reading!
:) Alice


Seaweed Crisps | Alternative Chips

Annie Chun's, seaweed, snacks, salty, healthy, chips, gluten-free

I tried these Seaweed Crisps from Annie Chun's last night and they were so good that I had to tell you about them. I bought them on a whim the last time I was at the grocery store because we occasionally get seaweed snacks (just the crispy seaweed sheets) to eat as a snack while making dinner. These are a little bit different because they are pieces of the seaweed sheets stuck onto little puffy rice crisps.

The main thing that I like about them is that they are bite sized. The plain sheets of seaweed that we get are too big to fit in your mouth without breaking or folding them and then you get little seaweed flakes everywhere. You can just pop these right in! The bag is two servings so Steve and I devoured them in one sitting. Honestly, I would've eaten the whole thing myself if he hadn't been there. Ha ha!  They are gluten free, I think they are a good alternative to chips and since the bag is little, it's like portion control. I am totally going to buy these again. I also went to the Annie Chun's website and found out that they have a few different flavors. I'm over here fangirl-ing over a snack food and I felt like I needed to bring you all in on it!

Thanks for reading!

:) Alice


Walking Weekend | OOTD

I did so much walking this weekend!  Steve had a day off on Friday so we decided to go for a walk around the reservoir where we explored the little trails in the "woods" around it as well.  I say "woods" in quotes because it's a reservoir in a city so it's really just a tree buffer between the street and the water.  But it was so windy that day that with all of the leaves rustling we could barely hear any traffic!  We meant to just do a loop around and then go back home but instead we wandered around the city for a few hours.  We took a break to get lunch at Panera and we also did a little shopping at T J Maxx.  After checking on a map we realized we had walked almost 7 miles!  Don't worry though.  We made up for it with a couch day on Saturday.  Ha ha!

fall, fashion, autumn, Primark, black, white, monochrome, outfit, ootd, ankle boots, jeans, sweater, jumper, Alice Manfrida, amanfrida, alicemanfrida

Today (Sunday) has been a filming day for me.  Actually, I filmed two videos yesterday and two today.  I like to take advantage of sunny days when I can!  I broke out this sweater that I bought earlier in the season at Primark.  It is kind of like a baggy t-shirt made out of a blanket.  It's really warm.  I made Steve go outside with me to take pictures but it's so windy that my hair kept blowing in my face and we were laughing so hard.  We only got one good one but here are a few goofy ones anyway.  :)

fall, fashion, autumn, Primark, black, white, monochrome, outfit, ootd, ankle boots, jeans, sweater, jumper, Alice Manfrida, amanfrida, alicemanfrida

fall, fashion, autumn, Primark, black, white, monochrome, outfit, ootd, ankle boots, jeans, sweater, jumper, Alice Manfrida, amanfrida, alicemanfrida

This afternoon we went out for coffee and then went for another walk.  We kept it short this time and only walked about a mile and a half since I was wearing these boots, which are comfortable but still a little high.  When we first went outside I was so cold so I had a coat, scarf and gloves but then by the time we got back I was sweating!  The weather is so back and forth this time of year so it's hard to know what to wear.  In case you're wondering about the rest of my outfit, the long sleeved black top underneath the sweater is from Banana Republic a long time ago, the jeans are from Target this year and the ankle boots are from Call It Spring last year.

One of the videos I filmed this weekend was a Birchbox Unboxing.  If you're interested in seeing what I got this month the video is up on my channel now.

I hope you all had a good weekend!
Thanks for reading!
:) Alice


Tasty Tuesday | Water Struggle

I always think it's more difficult to drink enough water in the colder months of the year.  I'm don't need to make up for summertime sweating and an extra cup of hot coffee is so much more appealing to me now than a cool drink of water.  I made it through five full 12 oz. glasses of water yesterday, which wasn't great but wasn't too bad.  I'm just going to try to beat that today.  Anything more than five (even a sip) counts!  Ha ha!

This week's #TastyTuesday video is up now so you can head over to YouTube to check it out, if you'd like.  This is the second week in a row that filming this lined up with a work day.  It's a little hectic to get it filmed and edited with less time but I think anyone who ever has to pack their lunch while eating breakfast, while doing laundry, while getting dressed looks for new ideas from time to time.  I know I do!


Weekend Recap: Cemetery Walk

We have been so busy just about every weekend for what feels like months.  Actually, now that I think about it, it was actually months.  In August there were two family cookouts to go to and then Steve went away for a weekend bachelor party.  September was packed with a weekend trip to NYC with my mom, a concert, and a wedding.  I even threw in brunch with my sister.  Oh, and the month ended with our 2nd wedding anniversary so we lived it up that weekend.  October's weekends were just as hectic.  We did a lot of driving for a wedding, a family party, dinner at my dad's, a housewarming party for a friend and then Halloween in Salem.  As fun as all of that was, being a social butterfly can get a little exhausting.

November, skyline, view, Boston, city, travel

This weekend was exactly what we needed after all of that.  The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday.  It was sunny and dry with that New England Fall air.  We hopped on a bus over to Cambridge and spent a few hours wandering around Mount Auburn Cemetery.  Before you think that we are too creepy, Mount Auburn is a huge cemetery and green space.  It's a good place to go bird watching and you can climb the tower on the hill (a monument to George Washington) and get really great view of Boston across the river.

view, trees, fall foliage, New England

There are a bunch of famous people buried there so you can go on a scavenger hunt to find them if you want.  My personal favorite game in old cemeteries is to find as many people named Alice as I can.  It's an easy game because it's such and old-fashioned name in this country.  :)

It's getting late in the season here so a lot of the leaves are already down.  But what the trees lacked in pretty colors to look at above our heads, they made up for with TONS of crunchy leaves to kick our way through.  It's a good sound.  Ha ha!

This trip was more slow paced for the purpose of getting fresh air and chilling out so we didn't pay much attention to the history or science of it all.  But we did stop in the Visitor Center first where there is a display of how the materials used in the monuments and headstones look like as they age.  With that in mind, all I could think about what how all of the bumpy and stained marble must have looked like when they were first put in.  It must have been blinding on a sunny day when there were a lot of smoother, shinier and whiter things there.

tree, ivy, nature

As far as tourist things go in the Boston area go, this is a pretty good one.  Their website is pretty informative, if you find this at all interesting. (Mount Auburn Cemetery)  It's also a pretty short bus ride to Harvard Square, which is where we went for lunch, shopping and dinner afterwards!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice


Tasty Tuesday | Work Day Meals

It's Tuesday!  Most of my #TastyTuesday posts are from days when I am eating at home so I can actually make all of my meals and take the time to film or take pictures.  Yesterday I had to go to work all day so I thought I'd do a Work Day food diary.  I didn't take pictures because I didn't really have the time so I only have a video.  I tried to keep it healthy but it's definitely hard when packing lunch while eating breakfast.  Dinner was a standard late night quick and easy mac & cheese with soup.


Thanks for reading and
thanks for watching!
:) Alice