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Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary


Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary

I was half way through my breakfast of oatmeal and coffee when I got off the phone with my mother and remembered that I was planning to do Tasty Tuesday pictures.  But if you've been reading these food diary posts for a while then you've seen what my oatmeal looks like!  I made it pretty simple this time with just oats, flax, raisins, cinnamon and almond milk.


Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary

For lunch I had a giant bowl of pad thai.  This was leftover from the night before but I bulked it up a little with some scallions and mushrooms.  I also had a glass of water, which was horrible because it was so cold in my house that it was like torture to drink something that wasn't hot.  Ha ha!


Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary

Speaking of the fact that it was very, very cold here yesterday...  I drank so much tea!  I was drinking this peppermint tea.  I usually get about 3 cups out of one tea bag before it doesn't really give off enough flavor to make it worth it.  I also turned the heat on.


Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary

This was the big experiment of the day.  I wanted to try baking fish in foil because everyone says that it's so easy!  Well, first of all upon taking the fish out of the refrigerator I discovered that it wasn't completely defrosted.  I decided to do it anyway and wrapped it all up in the foil with a little olive oil, garlic and lemon slices and threw in some salt, pepper and thyme for good measure.  I took it out of the oven and very carefully opened the foil and there was no steam, the fish was not cooked, it was about room temperature so I wrapped it back up.  BUT THE FOIL WAS BREACHED! So then it needed a double layer of foil.  Meanwhile, the quinoa and peas were getting cold.  I ate that first.  Then when the fish was finally done I ate that.  This picture is of Steve's plate with the warm fish and the cold quinoa and peas because he didn't mind eating cold food.


Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary

We split a chocolate bar so we each had 5 squares of it.  I also had more tea but I actually only drank about half and held it in my hands to warm them up until it wasn't warm anymore.  I did drink about 3 big glasses of plain water throughout the day, too.

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Here's the video if you're interested!

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