September Favorites | 2015

September has come to a close and it's officially Fall!  To mark the occasion, I have compiled a list of things that I like so that you can share in my obsessions with me.  The internet is for socializing, people!


e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Medium
First up is this little eyebrow kit from e.l.f. that the lovely Michele from Let Me Cross Over recommended that I try.  (Seriously, go read her blog!) She was right, it is awesome.  I have been using it almost every day.  I think that it makes my brows look filled in (meaning closer to the same as one another) but still natural and not overdone.

I have been using products from CeraVe just about exclusively for two months and my skin is SO clear!    I wrote up a little review for it last week so check that out if you missed it.


Kashi Cocoa Coconut Granola
OMG I'm obsessed!  This is basically the grown-up version of a chocolate-y kid cereal.  It's so yummy, it turns the milk brown, it is "healthy" -- I'm not sure what else you'd want in an easy breakfast.  I will say that I'm a little addicted because starting the day with something that feels like dessert is a slippery slope for me.  It's granola coated with cocoa mixed up with shaved coconut.  When you open the bag it gives off a pretty strong coconut smell but it tastes mostly like chocolate.

Lucy Wyndham-Read does fitness and nutrition videos on YouTube and I've been trying out her breakfast ideas from her Tuesday Toast Topping series.  One tip I liked a lot was to mix some dry oats into cream cheese before spreading it on toast with fruit and honey.  These breakfasts have been a good alternative to making oatmeal because it's about as filling but takes so much less time to make.


I've been on a house cleaning mission for the past few months and the KonMari Method has really been working for me.  I've done some videos on the process (be warned they are LONG) and I'm not finished yet but I'm really happy with what I've done so far.  One of the biggest tips I've taken away from it is to declutter and organize by category, not location, because you probably have similar items stored in different places throughout your house and organizing the same stuff in multiple drawers can leave you with more things that you really even want.

I did it.  I jumped on the ECLP bandwagon.  See?  I'm even using the acronym!  I bought the vertical 18-month version and have now used it for a solid two months.  I bought it because I was trying to be more productive, and obviously my desire is what has lead to success but this is a good tool and I think it's helped me to be more organized.  For starters I designated a spot to keep track of things I'm loving and it resulted in the writing of this very Favorites Post that you have been enjoying during these past few minutes. :)  In case you are wondering, I chose the Honeycomb pattern with Slate as the background color and Lagoon as the accent color.

There you have it, folks: my current favorite things.  Leave a comment below to let me know about the things you have been loving.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Brow Kit. It's my all time favorite brow product.
    Everybody is talking about that organizing book.. I watched your video about it and was super intrigued by the method. I'm gonna look into that. I'm loving you videos btw! :)

    1. Aw thanks for watching my videos! :) Yeah, everyone is obsessed with that book, but having applied it to some of my cleaning, I think it's worth it.