I Ran Today

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I made a goal to run this Fall.  I didn't really make a plan to get there but I figured if I pushed myself to workout and go for walks that got longer and faster over time eventually I'd just start running.  I don't know if this is the best strategy for someone who has never run in their life but I am a former runner with a knee injury so I feel like it's a little different.

I was going to do a workout in my house this morning but since it was nice weather I figured I go outside for a quick walk around the block to warm up first.  As soon as my feet hit the pavement I got this urge to run.  This is a pretty normal thing for me and it usually hits when I'm wearing normal clothes and shoes in a parking lot or something.  So I never act upon it.  Today I thought, maybe I should stop "working up to running" and just go "run."  So that's what I did.

Actually, I walked to a playground near my house, ran around the little track, then walked it, then ran a second lap, and then walked home.  The first lap felt really good, the second was tough.  But that's the first time I've run in years.  (I have an old knee injury that was OK but then got a little out of control about 2 years ago and I could barely walk.)

Muscle memory is a thing and my body was super happy to to be running.  During the second lap when my lungs were burning and felt like they were going to pop I realized something.  Sometimes you need to just jump in and do a thing.  (Yup, 1/2 mile of running and I'm immediately back on the running = life bandwagon. Haha!)  I know my body.  I know how to run.  So if I want to run I just need to run.

It was really awesome to find out that my body is totally fine with running (if any of you are new to running, the lungs issue works itself out pretty quickly as you keep training.)  There is only one little part that needs a little extra TLC and I can deal with that.  (See ice in above picture.)

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