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I am no skincare expert but I can tell you that this stuff is great and I will now excitedly tell you over and over how much I love these products: I've been using CeraVe products for a solid two months now and I am so happy with the results.  My skin is so clear!  I wanted to wait this long before I wrote up my thoughts because I have pretty horrible breakouts every month.  I know that they are caused by hormones but it's SO much better since I've been using CeraVe consistently.

I have been using the Hydrating Cleanser and the Eye Repair Cream twice a day.  The AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is for morning because it has an SPF and the PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is for before bed.  While I do get oily in places occasionally, I would classify my skin as normal to dry and sensitive and this routine has really been working for me.

The cleanser and the PM lotion feel like a hydrating bath for your skin.  The Eye Repair Cream is super gentle and is therefore a great basic everyday choice.  The AM Lotion is a little thicker and less slippery feeling than the PM version, which I think is because of the SPF.  It seems to soak in and dry more quickly, which is nice as part of a morning routine that includes needing to hurry up and get some makeup on.  Overall I haven't had any issues with dry patches for my makeup to get caked on.

Obviously, I still have breakouts but I've gone through two cycles while doggedly practicing this skin care regime and both were free of the face pain that I have come to expect as my lot in life for about the last 3 years.  While I'm sure it's not only these products but is actually a combination of the variety of things I've been doing to deal with the problem, I've had the most rapid success during the time I've been using this stuff.

I started this trial period in the middle of summer so I will say to you and to myself that this may not be the most accurate result and a winter test would be a good idea before declaring any miracles.  But I have run through my first bottle of cleanser and have already happily started a new one.

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