End of Summer Empties

It's empties time!  I had a pile of products I've used up for a while and suddenly I realized that I had a lot.  Most are things I have either already repurchased or would repurchase in the future.  There are a couple that I didn't love.  I've included a video at the end of this post in case you like watching better than reading or in case you like both!  Your choice! :)

Getting Clean

 Neutrogena - Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Lush - Happy Hippy Shower Gel

This is my Holy Grail eye makeup remover.  It works so well with waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  The bottle says "no oily residue" but I do find that I need to wash my face after I use it.  Obviously, wash your face after you take off your makeup.  Makeup remover just deals with the actual makeup, not your face underneath.  Speaking of washing... Lush products are known for their scents and the Happy Hippy shower gel is no different.  It smells like grapefruit but it isn't super intense - just nice and fruity.  I would definitely get this again.

Hair Care

 Number 4 - Lumiere d'hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect

OGX - Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

That little sample of leave-in conditioner/detangle spray was excellent.  It came in a Birchbox and smells about the same as all other hair products from Number 4 that I've tried.   Which means it makes your head smell like you just came from a very spa-like salon.  The flat iron spray from OGX is a product I have mixed feelings about.  It has a beachy vibe with it's yummy coconut scent and the performance is fine.  It's not the most amazing thing ever but it's not bad.  It's just a regular, functional hair product.  But I HATE the packaging.  I hate that the bottle collapses on itself as you use it up and the spray nozzle/pump part gets sticky.  I know this to be true because I constantly forget how much I hate it and have bought this and used it a million times in my life.  I am hoping that by writing this paragraph I will finally be able to get it to stick in my brain that I do not want to buy this again.  Probably I'll forget and the next time I need something like this I'll only recall the excellent smell and buy it again and be mad.

Last Three

 Harvey Prince - Yogini

 Eucerin - Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme

Yes, that heading says "three" and I only have "two" pictures.  Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the Neil George Body Wash.  It's the little white tube with black and gray writing on it in the picture up at the top of this post.  That was a Birchbox sample (can you tell I've been really trying to use those up?) and it was OK.  It got me clean but didn't do anything special.  The little fragrance sample is meant to be used as an aromatherapy spray.  It has a very light and relaxing scent.  If I had a huge perfume budget I would purchase the full-sized version of this but since perfume can be so expensive for such a little amount I usually only have one or two at a time.  I don't think this would make the cut.  The last is another must have in my life.  This is the best moisturizing creme for super dry, super itchy skin.  I can't survive winter without it.

What products have you been using lately?
Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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