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Tasty Tuesday, Food Diary, coffee, breakfast, toast, peanut butter, water, healthy, diet

I went for super easy breakfast today and had two slices of peanut butter toast.  I also had a glass of water and 2 cups of coffee.

Tasty Tuesday, food diary, lunch, leftovers, fried rice, chicken, pineapple, fried eggs, egg, water, healthy, diet

For lunch I had leftover pineapple fried rice, which had chicken in it.  I plopped two over-easy eggs on top, poured a glass of water and called it a day.

Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, Healthy Diet, apple, kefir, snack, snacking, food, food diary

So about those apples... I had an apple and a glass of blueberry flavored kefir for a late afternoon snack.

Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, food diary, simple, easy, supper, dinner, soup, sandwich

We went for a simple supper kind of night.  I made cheesy tuna melts along with lentil vegetable soup from a can.  Steve and I split a glass of wine to mark our 2nd anniversary.  It was a low key night full of working late and grocery shopping but that's what marriage is.  Plus, we had a super packed fun weekend so we're not feeling bad about it. :)

Tasty Tuesday, What I Ate, dessert, ice cream, Friendly's, Reese's, peanut butter, chocolate, treat, camera

Talk about a celebration!  We got these little ice cream sundae cups while we were at the grocery store.  I got the peanut butter cup one and Steve got one with Reese's Pieces in it.  Mine had peanut butter ice cream and it was SO good!

And would you look at that.  Two blogging days in a row!  I'm on a roll!  :)
I'm going for 5, by the way.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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