Tasty Tuesday | Sandwich Ingredients


I have been loving this granola by Kashi.  It is the Cocoa Coconut with Kamut Granola.  It's basically like healthy grown-up chocolate cereal.  It even turns the milk brown.  I had it with almond milk.  Of course I had my black coffee and a glass of water.


Ha ha ha!  I totally forgot to take an actual picture of my sandwich because I was filming so many things yesterday that it all blurred together.  So here are the ingredients: Mediterranean style hummus, Havarti cheese and broccoli sprouts between two slices of sprouted grain bread.  I also had a big handful of tomatoes, some raspberry flavored kefir and a glass of water.


PASTA!  This is whole wheat penne and the sauce is just jarred tomato sauce mixed with ground beef, peppers and onions.  And lots of cheese.


e.l.f. Beauty Haul

cosmetics, makeup, blush, primer, eyes lips face, eye primer, lip exfoliator

My CVS changed up their beauty section a little bit and replaced the NYC section with an e.l.f. section.  Normally I go nuts and buy 250 billion lipsticks at a time but I had a little self-control and branched out to some different products.

eyes lips face, makeup, exfoliate, lip, cosmetics, skin care

This was the main thing that I wanted to try.  I have been using one of the lip scrubs from Lush, which comes in a pot and is made from ingredients that you can just lick off your lips.  This Lip Exfoliator from e.l.f. needs to be wiped off but it is less messy, in my opinion.

primer, makeup, cosmetics, drugstore

swatch, primer, makeup, cosmetics, drugstore

The Hydrating Under Eye Primer is definitely hydrating.  It is slightly pink when it comes out of the tube but it rubs in clear.  You need literally the tiniest amount.  The idea is that it prevents your concealer from settling into all of the "fine lines" a.k.a wrinkles that live under your eyes.  Or at least they live there under my eyes.  This may work in place of an eye cream for some people so I might try that and let you know what I think.

primer, clear, makeup, cosmetics, drugstore, affordable, flawless finish

primer, cosmetics, makeup, drugstore, affordable, beauty, swatch

Another primer!  This one is just your basic face primer.  It is clear from the start and smooths onto your skin nicely.  Since it is clear it is meant for use with any skin tone.  e.l.f. does have a few other options but I thought I'd go with their basic option first.

blush, light, compact, quad, makeup, cosmetics, drugstore, affordable, beauty

blush, makeup, cosmetics, drugstore, affordable, beauty

There were two color choices in the e.l.f. display at my CVS - light and dark.  This is the light palette.  Obviously you can use each color separately or you can blend some or all together for a different look.  The salmon/coral color (on the left in the swatch picture) is flecked with little gold sparkles.

Let me know in the comments section if you have tried any of these products or if you like any other e.l.f. products that you think I should try.  They were super cheap.  I think the most expensive product I bought was $6.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice


Casual Shopping Day | OOTD

Long time readers of this blog will know that almost all of my shorts are from The Weathervane which is a store that is so old that it doesn't even exist anymore.  So I really needed some shorts.  I found some at Target and I'm happy to say that I have now added some cuter and more adult shorts to my wardrobe.

ootd, shorts, Target, pleats, comfy, summer, style, fashion

These shorts are so comfortable!  The fabric is soft and they are loose enough so that when I'm walking it almost feels like I'm wearing pajama shorts.  The front does have pleats, which I was initially unsure of, but once I tried them on I realized that they look fine.  They don't have any buttons or a zipper, you just pull them up.  The front of the waist band is flat and the back is elastic.  Again, it's almost like pajamas, just fancier material.

shorts, blue, white, pattern, comfy, style, summer, fashion, Target

I love the pattern on them.  They can basically take the place of a skirt in any outfit but I dressed them down with a boxy athletic gray sweatshirt last weekend when I spent a day shopping at the mall.  I was so comfortable walking around, I felt pulled together and they were super easy to get in and out of for trying on clothes.  Oh, and they do have pockets! :)

Check out my OOTD video if you want to see the whole outfit!