Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate Today [7.14.15]

I had the same breakfast for the past two days in a row and it was so delicious.  Looking at the picture of it here though is bumming me out because I finished off the blueberries this morning.  I'll have to think of something else for tomorrow.


It was WAY too hot to cook today!  I had yogurt with granola and a handful of blueberries along with a cup of coffee.


I made a whole chicken in the oven yesterday complete with stuffing (from a box) so I made a chicken and stuffing sandwich for lunch today on sprouted grain bread with hummus and tomato.


These cookies were from the cookout we went to at my Dad's house on the Fourth of July.  They are basically 100% sugar so they were still good over a week later!  I only ate the blue one.  Steve had the white one.  :)


Here's where it all fell apart.  Mac n cheese!!  I just really wanted it so we had Annie's Macaroni and Cheese made with yogurt and I put some parmesan cheese on top.  I just really wanted cheese.  To balance out this cheesy-carb meal we made smoothies.  So I still had lots of fruit and spinach, too!

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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