The KonMari Method | An Introduction

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My goal for the summer is to totally reorganize my house.  I started with my bathroom and now that I'm back from vacation I'm diving in head-first with The KonMari Method.  Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing is a super quick read.  She outlines her method which I've realized is actually very simple.

The first thing to know is that Kondo recommends decluttering by category instead of by location.  She says to start with clothes then move onto books and papers, then miscellaneous other items and finally sentimental items (because those are the most difficult).  The second thing is that she says this method only works if you do it completely.  That means discard items and then put away the ones you are keeping.  Do all of your clothes, all of your books, all of every category.  Tidy your entire house and then you'll be more likely to keep it that way.

This is an emotional cleaning method based on deciding which items bring you joy.  I will say that the word "joy" means different things to different people and can actually mean different things for the same person when talking about different items.  It's a highly personalized process and can be difficult.

I decided to film my process for some (or most) of the categories.  My introductory video to the series can be found on my personal channel.

What are your thoughts about The KonMari Method?
Have you tried it?

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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