Collective Clothing Haul | Spring/Summer 2015

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I have had some changes to my schedule (meaning I left one of the jobs I have had) so I have been feeling like getting dressed in clothes that make me feel good every day is this newly found luxury.  It's ridiculous but still, I went shopping.  The items I am including in this post were bought over one to two months so some of them may seem a little heavy to include in a summer wardrobe.  However, I only wear true summer clothes if I absolutely have to.  I prefer to pretend that it is perpetually Autumn and so there are plenty of sleeves to be had in the following images.  Enjoy! :)

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This skirt is SO cute!  I bought at Buffalo Exchange, which is a consignment store.  It is by the brand love...ady and still had the tag on it.  It puffs out a lot when worn which makes it pretty cute and I love the exposed zipper detail in the back.

Buffalo Exchange, consignment haul, clothes, black, white, polka dots, shirt dress, sheer top, style, fashion, women's clothing, texture

Both of these items were also bought at Buffalo Exchange.  The sheer top is really cool.  It is boxy and loose with a scoop neck so it looks slouchy and casual over a tank top even though it isn't really made out of casual material.  The dots are raised velvet so it has this interesting texture and 3-dimensional quality to it that I really like.  The shirt dress has a very loose shape to it.  It is by Old Navy and is so soft and comfortable.  One benefit of getting second hand clothing is that you can often find things that other people have worn and washed so when you get it it's already at the comfy stage of something you've had for years.

grey, gray, white, blue, seersucker, jacket, blazer, pockets, buttons, details, sweatshirt, crisp, shirt, top, style, fashion, women's clothing

These are my two favorites.  The jacket is by Nine West and I bought it at Macy's.  I think it's a nice, bright alternative to my darker blazers.  The top is by Loft but I bought it at Buffalo Exchange.  I've actually found a few Loft pieces in really good condition there over the years.  This top is a soft thin sweatshirt with a panel at the bottom and sides that looks like a crisp, white button-down shirt is sticking out.  The cuffs have a functional button as well.

art smock, Urban Outfitters, Target, leggings, bright, gray, casual, comfortable, pockets, dress, long sleeves

This dress.  This dress.  THIS DRESS!  I bought this on clearance at Urban Outfitters at the beginning of the summer so I don't know if they have it anymore.  But they do have tons of similar styles listed in the dress shop on their website.  I have worn this a few times.  It's literally just a giant bag, kind of like an art smock.  I roll the sleeves up a little and then, because it is pretty short and billowy (especially when the wind blows), I throw on a pair of leggings underneath.  I bought these two pairs at Target because I think that with a totally plain gray dress you can get away with a more bold print on the bottom.

Walmart, Eddie Bauer, Urban Outifitters, graphic tee, pink plaid, flannel shirt, blue knit tank top, style, fashion, summer, spring, women's clothing

That t-shirt!  My husband actually found this hysterical graphic tee in the men's section at Walmart.  I think the picture speaks for itself but it also says "Everyday Struggle" next to that totally baller kitty.  I would wear it every day if I could.  Ha ha ha!

The plaid flannel shirt is the final piece that I bought at Buffalo Exchange.  I love the colors in it.  I tend to look a little better in jewel tones as opposed to bright red so I'm glad I was able to find a snuggle-y flannel that I actually look good in!  Although I suppose you can go judge that claim for yourself because I wore in my most recent Summer OOTD post.  :)

I showed the blue knit tank top on the right in the Americana OOTD post that I put up about a week ago.  I think I succeed in getting a lot of really comfortable pieces that still look interesting.  When it's really hot out or when it suddenly gets cool after dark but you want to hang out by a campfire with your friends, the last thing that you are trying to do is to feel stiff in your clothes.  The few pieces that I got that are more structured (like the jacket and skirt) are awesome because I feel like I can make them work in any season.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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