Tasty Tuesday: Not Feeling Well

How about an old school What I Ate Today post for #TastyTuesday over here?!  I haven't been feeling well for the past few days so I thought I should step up my game and make sure that I am eating well to try to help this cold move it along and get out of my body.

For My Sore Throat and Stuffy Nose:

I started the day with a cup of green tea.


When I got around to breakfast I had two farm fresh eggs scrambled in olive oil and salt along with some rye crackers and an avocado.  I added a little Parmesan cheese because...cheese.


Lunch was lobster bisque, a piece of sprouted grain bread with some butter and a glass of water.  The butter looks crazy because I've been keeping it in the fridge lately so that it doesn't melt in the cabinet and it's impossible to spread cold butter on soft bread.

Afternoon Snack:

I had another cup of green tea with these cookies that have a lemon creme filling inside.  I also had a few more glasses of water during the day.


A Manfrida weeknight staple: pasta sauce, ground beef and onions on top of pasta with Parmesan cheese.  I topped that off with a couple more glasses of water and called it a night.

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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