Where Have I Been? (Or: Everything keeps breaking!)

Can you hear that?  That is me crying.  Last week my laptop got stuck in a loop while updating and I couldn't use it for about 4 days.  Today I dropped my phone and it is completely broken now.  No phone.  Nothing.

So I will be pretty off the grid tomorrow because I can't get to a store to buy a new phone until tomorrow night.  I know it's just one day but I don't even know my mom's phone number off the top of my head for an emergency.  Or my husband's.  Or anybody's except my own phone number, the phone number of my house phone from childhood that doesn't exist and my best friend from childhood's home phone number that also doesn't exist.  Totally reliant on technology over here!

I'm still a little undecided on what phone I will get.  I have it narrowed down to a few choices but I need to actually hold the phones and play around with them before I pick one.  I'm excited to have a new one but I was planning to wait another 6 or so months before getting one so I'm kind of mad that this happened right now.

On the plus side, now that my computer works again I can blog and vlog again!  (I do use the phone for pictures though so maybe that'll still be a couple of days...)  I filmed a couple of videos today and will get those uploaded over the next few days.  And I will definitely also let you know what phone I get and how I like it in the next week or so, so check back for that.

For now I will just go watch some YouTube and then read a book.  And then I'll have to hope I can figure out how to get up in the morning without my phone/alarm clock.


  1. Ugh! The struggle is real! I rely on my phone far to much. Remember when you actually had to remember important information?!?! I can't wait to hear about your new phone choice. My first smart phone was an iPhone 4 (my husband is still using my iPhone 4 four years later). I currently have a Galaxy 4. I have had many, many problems with it. I am due for an upgrade this summer and I think I will go back to the iPhone.

    1. I've had the S3 for about 3 years and it was good enough so I'm annoyed I had to get a new one. But I got the S5 this time and it's so much better! I mean, duh, obviously it's better since it's 2 generations improved from my old phone. haha