New Shoes (and bacon)

When I started this blog I was taking a little break from working for a few different reasons.  I started using Mondays as a day to write about my weekends.  I very cleverly tagged these posts with "Weekend Recap."  Ha ha!  But the reality is that I work in retail and that means that I don't really have weekends.  Or it at least means that my definition of what a "weekend" is both varies from week to week and differs greatly from what many other people think of as being a weekend.  This "weekend" was not abnormal in that I worked during the whole thing.

Today I have a day off and my tired feet are getting a well deserved rest.  BUT, I am actually looking forward to the next day that I go to work because I bought new shoes!  I can wear sneakers at work and have had the same ones for so long that they are basically destroyed.  The insoles are completely useless and recently a couple of holes started to wear through the outsides.  Last night I got to the New Balance Factory Outlet with about a half hour to spare before they closed and was able to take advantage of the last day of their sale.  I think it was 30% off of your entire purchase.

I bought two pairs of shoes.  The first pair are running shoes and have a lot of support.  New Balance have always done great shoes for women because they have lots of support and stabilizing shoe technology (or whatever).  Women tend to have weaker knees because we have those great childbearing hips and that causes us to have a totally different angle to our legs at the hip and knee than men have.

The second pair that I got are for work and they are walking shoes.  I actually got a size 7 in the running shoes and a 7.5 in the walking shoe style.  I don't have a picture of them because I literally went right back to work after I bought them, threw out my old horrible shoes and dropped off the new ones.  I got a less obnoxious color scheme for these than I did with the running shoes.  They are gray and have a little bit of a purple-ish accent.  I mean it's work.  I paid $90 for both pairs of shoes together, which is actually like buying one pair of good running shoes at a discount.

Although I did work yesterday, I sandwiched it with weekend-y things.  The shoe shopping was after but before work Steve and I made a pretty awesome brunch at home.  We made egg and cheese tacos with bacon on the side.  The eggs were sort of between scrambled and an omelet so that we could cut them into strips to put in the corn tortillas with the cheese.  I put a little ketchup in mine.

Bonus:  Stella was in the bag while I took the picture at the top of this post.  Then she realized that the shoes might be just as fun as the bag-cave so she came out to do some sniffing.  Oh, kitties.  :)

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