Manicure Monday: Spring Time Pastels

I really wish it was Spring right now.  As you probably all know, I am currently buried in snow.  I assume you know that because I talk about it all the time.  Especially if you follow me on Twitter.  But it doesn't matter how much snow there is, reality means that Spring will be here in less than a month and that fact is the only thing keeping me going right now.  The snow piles might be hanging around a little longer though...

I was kind of thinking I wanted to match my nails to the sweater I'm wearing today but then I couldn't decide between blue, pink or purple.  I know, I know.  I also have the mint color on my toes right now and the gray keeps it a little less rainbow-ish.  (Plus I don't actually have a pastel yellow or orange.)

nails, pretty, pastel, spring, manicure, nail polish

Left to Right:
NYC Quick Dry No. 270 Sidewalkers
Confetti No. 016 To Teal To Handle
Maybelline Color Show No. 320 Green With Envy
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear No. 270 Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear No. 470 Bubblegum Pink

Manicure, nail polish, pastel nails, pretty, spring

I also used the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener for both the bottom and top coat.

manicure, Sally Hansen, base coat, top coat, nails

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice

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