You guys.  Do you SEE THIS?!  I held the kitty!  In my arms! While standing up!  I DID IT!

Ha ha ha!  I know that this might seem like a strange thing for me to be shrieking about but I have carried a cat exactly twice in my life...now THREE times.  Once in 2nd grade (?) I held a kitten by sort of lifting it out of my sister's crib so that the bars were still between me and the cat.  The second time was a couple of months ago when Stella was sitting on my lap and I awkwardly kind of stood up and she didn't jump out of my arms right away.

BUT THIS TIME!  LOOK AT ME!  She was standing on the table and I picked her up and she let me march around the house for about 3 solid minutes with her.  Then Steve took a couple of pictures and she thought it was getting boring because I wasn't chanting "King Chair! King Chair!" and making trumpet noises anymore.  (That's what my uncles would do to me when I was little.)  I know it doesn't look comfortable for her but she was totally calm and fine and would definitely have jumped down if she wanted to, like she eventually did when she was sick of the game.

Don't laugh at me...well, you can totally laugh because I'm laughing...I was so proud of myself!  Ha ha ha!

:) Alice

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