Snowflakes [January 2015]

I took these pictures last week during our first huge snow storm.  The wind plastered so much snow on our windows.  While I was looking out and watching the storm I realized that there were some pretty gigantic snowflakes.  A lot of them were perfect and I was able to get these really cool pictures.  I didn't do any kind of touch up to these super close up pictures.  Snowflakes are just that amazing.  I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Individually, they are beautiful. It's when they throw a party in my yard and invite 78 billion of their friends to join them that I have a problem. I am completely over this whole winter thing. The groundhog can go f*** himself!

    1. Um, yeah, I'm with you. Today we got a couple more inches so that's not too bad. But if some of this stuff doesn't melt before the next big storm....I seriously don't know where the heck we're going to put it! The yard is full and it's just about up to my head where we've shoveled up the piles. There's just no more room.