Food Journal [Day 6]

We had a pretty crazy weather day in Boston yesterday.  I started snowing Monday night and didn't stop until the early hours of Wednesday (today) morning.  The whole city shut down.  Public transportation service was suspended for the entire day, businesses and offices closed and non-emergency travel was banned for Tuesday.  There was SO MUCH SNOW anyway and then the wind made big drifts everywhere...like in front of our door.

Food Journal Day 6
8:45am - wake up (about 8 hours of sleep)
10:00am - coffee
11:30am - banana, cup of tea, bowl of soup
1:00pm - cup of tea
3:00pm - wheat linguine with butter and Parmesan cheese, glass of water

8:30pm - berry/spinach smoothie
10:00pm - almonds, glass of water
12:30am - sleep

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